Swim upstream and swim hard

  This is it. This is my motto. Swim upstream and swim hard. Looking back i remember the time when i was 19 and felt that life had no meaning. I had no purpose. I believe everyone of us goes through that thought process where we question the reason for our existence. I do believe it is important. Our past shapes out future, our way of thinking alters our behaviour and how we treat others. Am glad i questioned myself and am tickled pink that i found out the answer. The best advice given to me at a tender moment in my life by my progenitor was-

“your happiness comes first. That doesn’t mean you trample upon others in the process but always keep yourself in the forefront. Don’t lie to yourself. If you can’t be true to self, you’ll never be true to anyone”

I have tried to live by that rule as much as i can and since have been content. Its hard to embrace change and break habits but it is possible and advisable. Accepting our flaws isn’t something we were told would be easy but that doesn’t mean that habits are hard to break. Ego rules our thought process and we are a slave to it. Yet once the trick is mastered, the meaning of life becomes all the more clearer.


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