Wonders of the world

  Time isn’t in abundance, but that doesn’t mean the world is coming to an end. Am pointing out  the fact that we all are growing old by every passing moment and should make the most of it. Setting a routine is fine and dandy and i agree that it works for the majority but what about living and appreciating all the goodness that surrounds us and is left unnoticed? One fine day, it’ll be your last day and you wouldn’t even realize it till you start noticing that white tunnel everyone seems to know about but only the dead can confirm. The moment will come when you wished that you had done more with your life than just survived it. Money seems to be the focus of the masses, enjoying simple things seems to be the time pass of the paupers. I am rich with optimism.

A tip: Shut your eyes this very moment, ask yourself if you are mirthful, if the answer is negative then bring that change in your life for the better.


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