I am treating myself as an adytum forbidding anyone to penetrate. Isn’t that how we all start off in our lives? Wanting to project our true selves only what we project isn’t who we really are. That veneer is thin except we don’t know it as yet. Expecting a lot from others yet giving the bare minimum ourselves. Is that even fair?

If we stop, think, and realize that we all do exactly the same, therefore what we get is directly related to what we give. Putting up a false face only to be exposed little by little everyday till one day we are naked and not a pretty sight, that surely can’t be a good thing!

Why do we all start off pretending to be someone we are not? Better still, if we wish to pretend to be that someone else why don’t we alter our habits to adopt those positives we reflect being that someone else? That glassy exterior shall crumble for sure and if the foundation wasn’t laid thick in stone, we shall cease to exist as enduring beings.


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