People are so self-absorbed its unbelievable. The society today has ended up being full of airheads. How is one to compete against that?  How can you carve a niche in such a shallow society where intelligence is scarce?

My favourite time pass, till I got tired of doing it and moved on to other things, was to sit and observe people. Things you notice when you know others are not even aware of being looked at is nothing short of remarkable. Now this next example isn’t really that of an airhead but of someone who was plain convinced that he was invisible to the world. Sitting there and literally pulling the toilet paper out of his grocery bag and wiping his behind in clear view. He was being discrete in all honesty, but I noticed what he was doing so really, he needed to be a bit MORE discrete. Public toilets are still free in this country unlike in Europe. Why wouldn’t he wipe it in the privacy of a wash-room?

Why do we have to see things that are really not necessary? Well, back to airheads. I like how there is a movie going on in their heads and they all are the  leading stars in it. You can actually pin point and tell what actor they are playing in their heads at the precise moment you spot them. Life for them revolves around TV shows and they actually feel one with it. Must be some living really. Am not here to ask airheads to change their life style! I wouldn’t even dare think that they ever would, my free entertainment would be compromised and I probably would have to find solace in something else. I am just glad that such people exist as they add variety to the society.

A little less obvious and superficial would be acceptable .


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