Free ride to HELL!

Looks like I’ll be the first one entering through the gates of hades!! However, I have  pre-determined the fault bearer.

After burning up 400 plus calories and putting my body through enough strain for me to be aware of my existence,I decided to head home. I wouldn’t expect myself to be doing all this hard-work if I didn’t have “ragweed” there to shout at me to keep going!  Well “ragweed” also happens to be my designated driver.

Drive back home all I am noticing are these brightly lit houses from top to bottom. You would think there would be less competition amongst neighbours. Everyone is there to outdo the other. A steady row of good 10-15 houses each lit one better than the other. Then I spot this house from a distance that seemed to be breaking the flow of lights. There hardly seemed to be any lights  except for this lit reindeer in the front lawn. My reaction–

” why the hell would someone put up those half-hearted lights? The reindeer is such a miserable sight! Such beautifully lit houses and then this misery, trust someone to play the grouch”.

Except when we reach close to the house I see this big handicap sign out on the metal fence of the house. That explained it all. Oh the unrelenting laughter fits I had! Needless to say no one except me found it funny! In all fairness there was just “ragweed” and myself, and if you knew “ragweed” you would know “it” to be always — –>politically correct!!

I don’t deem it necessary to justify my laughter fits but for those who have been totally and utterly offended by my humour I am laying the blame for this on the lack of sugar in my body after a fantastic work out session 😀

–Dedicated to “ragweed”


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