Got to love early mornings :)

I don’t have a clue how people do it over and over again till they retire from work at 65. I mean it’s just been 2 days I had to live the 9-5 routine and just am not cut out for it. Talk about negativity!

My day started at 5:30 am. Like a person jolted with a Sten gun, I jumped out of bed and straight into the shower so I could at least open my eyes. Then a slice of bread with scrambled eggs and a whole layer of clothing later, I rushed over to the metro station to catch my train over to the far west side of the city.

There is no harm in mentioning the crisp early morning air when it hits your face and the constant sirens that are blaring no matter what time of the day you are heading out. Ah the joys of living down town. How can anyone not love all this hustle bustle? This feeling of joyous living is short-lived till you step into the madness of the underground. That’s when the real drama starts. No patience, everyone is in a rush with hot steaming coffee in hand, then you have these newspaper boys forcing their free paper on you when all you wish to do is to get your foot on that train and NOT miss it or else there is a whole lot you’ll be missing out on!!

When once on, then that’s the beginning of a different story. Have you ever seen anyone beg at 6 am? Ok, make that 6:30 am but still, have you EVER seen anyone go to work “begging” at 6:30 am? Well, I did, today! Not only does this bedraggled man comes on begging and spoiling my mood early morning but he wants to be acknowledged. “Madame” “MADAME” – hand shoved right IN MY FACE. What can one do but give him this lopsided smile and open palms showing him that you are as poor or almost, as he is.

All this and I still have not reached the office. After good 40 mins of sporadic stops later, I reach the end of the orange line and get off to get on bus number 1 7 something that drops me right at the foot steps of my works place for the day.You would think it to be an easy process. It’s not. Morning rush hour, getting out of the metro is like being stuck in an avalanche of stink bombs. Why don’t people shower? Worse still, why do they spray strong sweet perfume to camouflage their body odor?  I CAN STILL SMELL YOU PEOPLE!!! ugh, makes me dry heave!

Once you’ve managed to make your way out of the underground tunnel, its time for an early morning sprint to the bus. Same people, same crowd, same struggle to get on, same paper boys forcing their free morning news papers on you, same same same same same

How do people live this every day? I travelled with the masses today, how do they do it every day? This is not even NY, how do they do it in NY when I have trouble coming to terms with them doing it in this beautiful city of Montreal  that I call home? How??

This is just the beginning to the long boring office day that follows, but that I’ll reserve for another day with a whole new heading — “got to love working 9-5 “


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