The common synonyms of this significant word are : cheerfulness, exuberance, euphoria, jubilation but the most important of all is – peace of mind. How many of us can actually say that we are content with our lives today, at this very moment?  How many of us can say that we wouldn’t change a single day in our lives. How many of us have that peace of mind?

What gives us the peace of mind? What makes us happy? We all have different ways of defining it and better still, different ways of living it. To each their own and very rightly so. Life is so short and precious that we have to make ourselves the priority or else before we know it, we’d be kicking the bucket- empty!

Love,give, smile, live, laugh, travel, exercise, help, trust, ponder, change, these are my synonyms of happiness. Write out your own and live by them:)


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