Me time

It’s hard not to have these private moments. The weather is really the helping factor if you ask me! -17 degrees C makes you want to have “me” time whether you like it or not. Some activities that keep my mind occupied are obsessively cleaning a perfectly clean place, skyping and discussing why Negroes (thx for pointing out the spelling mistake mr C.S) are referred to as “blacks” , talking a good friend into buying me some food items so i don’t end up starving to death on my own, watching some movie that was a hit once upon a time but in today’s world the acting seems somewhat redundant.

Coming back to the subject of being a racist, lets thrash it out. When was this term coined? Who said calling a person by the colour of their skin is any less racist or politically correct? Calling someone yellow/black/white/brown actually is rude. Ethnicity determines who we are not the colour of our skin. We all want to be politically correct, and we are anything but that. Nowadays saying what is on your mind is considered politically incorrect. Am guessing the writer of the “ten little nigger boys”, the nursery rhyme, must have had to pay a huge penalty for being such a racist.

Anyhow this blog was about “me” time. Well I reckon we all need it to ponder over such serious issues don’t we?


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