Changes and rules

Rule number one  Make sure to pour the milk in the saucepan if your intention is to heat it.

Don’t look too much into the above mentioned statement. It’s something to do with me. It’s good to have goals sorted out in life if you want it to progress in any direction. As simple as the milk and the saucepan example – which by the way wasn’t meant to be an example of any sort but more of a reminder to myself.  People are so engrossed in comparing their lives with the lives of others that they forget what they actually want from it: life that is. I came up with a list of changes and basic rules to a happy and a content living  and I shall share it with you:

  • Don’t compare your life to others, you ARE happy the way you are
  •  The feeling of anger needs to subside whenever it arises. Think of good rather than  bad and the situation WILL look better
  • Those you consider close don’t deserve the least but most RESPECT, give them.
  • Face the past and come to terms with it and let it not affect your future in a negative way.
  • If you can’t say anything good about a person, keep shut. Don’t say bad, its unfair and unnecessary
  • Don’t gossip. Keep away from gossip
  • Dig deeper, don’t take anyone at face value.
  • You can’t change the past but the future can be a different story but it has to start somewhere.
  • Do not talk about personal stuff to others. They will betray your trust and back stab you. Don’t forget the meaning of “personal”.

All this isn’t easy for most of us. Implying this in our lives means we have to face the person we are and be open to alterations in our way of thinking and perceiving the world. This also means we need to be honest with ourselves and have the desire to take that step to better ourselves as human beings. Being conscious of our wrong doings and shunning our pride and accepting our faults   is the key to healthier living. Once that has been mastered life will have a new meaning to it.


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