Montreal, my safe haven!

The week-end started with an almost perfect flight. Come on, you can’t love EVERYONE you work with.. hence the reason why i said “almost!” perfect. April 20th also happens to be a very important date- my brother’s birthday, my boyfriend’s dad’s birthday my friend’s son’s birthday and of course good old Adolf’s birthday! I return home bone-weary and decide am going to call my lil sugar ( my brother) and my dad and see how their day is rolling so far..Being the generous spirit and a fantastic cook that i am, dinner was to be served at 6 pm chez Jasmin. Jessica (my precious lil sister), sugar and daddy were to attend to a fantastic recipe of pan fried chicken served with linguine minus the salt. Birthday cake was going to be Jessica’s treat.. well 8 pm and no sign of Jessica. Nothing unusual though, we are all used to waiting on her hehe. Then the phone rings, Jessica is on her way except she needs to run back to the bus stop to try and locate her purse back that she forgot ON THE BUS no 165!

Panic mode was activated in the Shergill clan and the wise one’s (myself of course and sugar) jumped into action! We decided we shall all go to bus stop no 165, question every driver if they had seen Jessica’s purse and try and locate this baby today itself! Sugar took the south exit i ran for the north exit! Every bus no 165 and believe me,there were at least 10 every hour.. all were informed of the lost mustard coloured leather purse containing everything to do with Jessica’s identity in it, not to mention numerous credit cards and bank cards.

We were all OVER WORKING as a team. All the buses were arriving at the south entrance and then continued on to the north entrance and were HARASSED by us. First by Sugar and Jessica followed by over panicked Jasmin Shergill. I have to say the STM drivers were very friendly and by the time the first one came back to do his round again… they all knew our names! Standing there waiting for 165 to roll in, i get this tap on the shoulder…

“hi sorry, can i please use your phone???”
Me – “Why?”
Him- i am a tourist and i need to contact my friend
Me- You are a tourist and you don’t have a phone OR  50 cents to place a phone call using a public phone booth?
Him- Am sorry
Me- Spare me the stories, out with the number
Him- 514-931—-
Me- Its ringing, here, don’t even think of running off with my phone coz i am in NO MOOD to chase you down the road OK??
Him- Sorry, am not a thief i am only a tourist from Caracas Venezuela
Me- Just get the call over with, i am in no mood to listen to your stories…
Him- No one is picking up…
Me- Guess no one misses you!! BYE

Well the lost tourist ended up being at the receiving end of a bad tongue lashing! Off he went.. and off i continued asking every 165 bus driver if someone had returned a mustard colored purse that belonged to my sister.. nope. No luck! Phone rings.. its a call from 514-931….

Stranger- Hi, you called my number
Me- I didn’t, your friend did.
Stranger- My friend?
Me- Yes the one who is lost in Montreal, who is from Caracas,who has been waiting for you to show up and tried contacting you but you had no time to respond back to his phone call. that friend.
Stranger- WHERE IS HE? Av been looking for him
Me- Too late, he wandered off… he was on the corner of Gue Concordia and Maisonneuve if i see him i’ll let him know not to move around too much and that you’d find him. Right??
Stranger- Yes please!!! Thank you
Me- Bye

Didn’t find the lost tourist and didn’t find Jessica’s bag. Off we all went home. Reaching home and going over in my head all that transpired during the day i realized i had no control over anything except my utter rudeness towards someone who was visiting a city i love. I called the 514-931…. number again.

Me- Hey, its me… the one you don’t know of, did you find your friend?
Stranger- Yeah, i did. Thank you for letting him use your phone..
Me- Please pass on my apologies to him for being so rude to him
Stranger- No, he is very thankful that you let him use your phone..
Me- I did yes, along with passing on some nasty comments to him…tell him i am sorry. People from Montreal are nice and friendly..
Stranger- Don’t worry, i will. Thank you. Have a good night
Me- You too

The following day.. being Sunday, we decided to celebrate Sugar’s birthday…a lavish treat table was set up with all that you could eat treats. It was time well spent and food well devoured with family. Daddy told me to look into packing my bags and moving to Ontario in case no good Samaritan returns Jessica’s bag. Of course it was a joke. It was a good sugar filled day that kept me wide awake till the wee hours of the morning watching documentaries on real life cannibals and Charles Manson!2013-04-21 17.02.34

Its Monday. I ran in the morning to Lost and found at the main bus station. It was easier for me to go in stead of Jessica as i live very close to the main terminal. I had no clue what the purse looked like except for the fact that it was a mustard colored. I stick my face in the glass window ready to talk to the agent there… what do i spot? A mustard colored bag.

Me-“Hi, that’s my sisters purse! Could you please check the inside and confirm that the wallet belongs to Jessica Shergill. She lost this purse on Saturday night around 7:30 pm on bus 165”.
Agent- Here. It is her’s

Oh the Joy!!! Yay the happiness!!! Oh the end of stress!!! OOO the best city in Canada!!! oh Montreal my safe haven! I ran the 500 meters with such speed and grin on my face. The happiness a coke addict feels when he shoots it up his veins or whatever the heck it is they do…


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