The 25th Sept of my 36th :)

So how does one feel special on their special day? I believe you start by meeting a long lost friend and then making sure you embark on a road trip of a life time, in my case Switzerland 🙂

Never did it occur to me that Sept 25th 2013 an impromptu decision would make me experience the beauty that i did and the fun that i had surrounded by happy people who were in it for the same reason as myself! ENJOYMENT!  Pure Enjoyment. If only people realized the joys of travelling, they would  forget their distress and would learn so much from their experience.

Then there are other days when you just  happen to be in Porto (Portugal) and decide you are going to head out for a scrumptious Portuguese chicken and realize that things will just not fall in place for you, yet you find it so gut-busting  that ONLY  you are laughing as others have NO CLUE what’s really going on! Here is an insight into what actually was going on

1- Rushed packing = mismatched outfit of course. Wrong bra for the wrong top and no other option hence good old safety pins come into play!

2- No neck scarf, so the imaginative Libra instinct takes over! Work out T-shirt is turned into a neck scarf held together by a fancy hair band to give it that extra convincing touch!


3- Forgetting your umbrella in your room as you are in the hotel lobby and realize its raining outside.. you rush upstairs only to realize the room key is deactivated! Zut!! You run back down to get the room 602 key activated. Run back up, only to remember that you are in 603 and then of course the key is a mismatch for your room so you run down again to get the same key reactivated for the right room this time.

4- You get your umbrella and open it in the pouring rain only to realize it is BROKEN. So what?? You still make a 4 minute sprint to the restaurant with water squishing in your shoes and the make shift scarf and the safety pinned top all WET and you are still loving this whole experience because only you know how delicious that chicken would taste as you sit on your pristine bed with mouth watering Portuguese chicken drenched in piri piri just as you are in the October showers.

This my friend are the simple pleasures of life, not many find joy in experiencing it but i feel lucky every single day 🙂


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