My best friend!


So this is exactly what my little green monster looks like. The one that sits on my shoulder and is constantly whispering in my ear telling me how it’ll always be there for me, to protect me and care for me when the world turns against me and life will be wretched but “it” will never let go of me! Kick it off i say, stab it if you can! Bloody bury it alive, throw hot oil in its face, scar it forever!! RUN AWAY FROM IT. How many times did i decide that i will make peace with my constant need and desire to tongue lash the life out of ordinary humble human beings who are out there trying to be a guiding force in my life, being my “best” friend but of course they never really got the medal of distinction. Why, you ask? I HAVE a best friend, my savior, my selfdom, my very own green monster, MY EGO. The constant interjection followed by its very own irrational advise finally got me thinking. Bastard was never on my side to begin with! Selfish soulless degenerate was out to isolate me from living the life and breathing the air. Suffocating me into thinking it was my ONE AND ONLY crony. Not so smart are we? Caught you in time! Where do you dwell now a days oh greeny?? Right on my refrigerator, in the form of a phrase- “I killed you while i was still young so you can’t destroy anything that i will now create”.

Sorted. Lets move on!



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