This is Cat. He has several names but i like to call him Cat. Why do i have his pic up here? For no reason at all. I like this picture, so i have it up here. This Cat though,has mental issues. Completely unpredictable and that’s what actually makes him totally likable and unique. He bit me twice and so now he is barred from sitting on my lap when he likes. The End.

Apart from that, all is well in my head, or so i am hoping. The last month, actually not even the whole month- just the last 3 weeks have been BRUTAL. So much work, as a result with the change in the air pressure, my brain cells have contracted and expanded so many times, leaving me with few to none. I am,however, still able to type this out without seeming that “off” in the head. Had a fantastic Xmas with a cool set of work colleagues in Panama City and that was perhaps the start of my delirium. At 8:00 AM i decide to go and swim in the pool on the 6th floor of the hotel. This pool is not the scariest of all pools but for a person who has been a swimmer for just over a year, it could be a dangerous place. Well at 8:00, no one expect a whole lot of people up there anyway. I was wrong. There were a few handful,but that didn’t stop me from jumping in the pool in my little bikini with my swimming goggles and my swimming cap. Its almost impossible for me to do anything with myself in the water, if i don’t have the 2 most important pieces of equipment on me.- my goggles and my cap. So, in i jumped and off i went. Face in the water.. breathing out through the nose and staring at the bottom of the pool. The panic attack that followed was worth witnessing. I have made this little illustration that i’ll elucidate further on


ok so, the 3 big circles that you are seeing in this picture above, is the clear glass at the bottom of the pool. Through this clear glass you can actually see people sitting and having b’fast in the dining hall on the 1st floor. Remember, the pool is on the 6th floor. Now imagine the fright i got on seeing this when i put my face in the water. I PANICKED and started splashing all over as if i was drowning and then i hear this male voice telling me ” Just stand up, it’s only 4.9 Ft deep”. WHAT???? ” Stand up and you won’t drown”. Oh right. OK. So i stood up, i put on a great show for the construction guys working on a building adjacent to the Hotel, i waved at them and decided that it was enough swimming for the day. The male voice wasn’t my voice of conscience, in case you all are wondering…the inner me still sounds like a female. Thank you very much. It was the voice of the guy who had just come out to take some morning sun and for all we know, probably, enjoy the pool. He had no idea there was a comedy show on this early in the morning. 

Well, that was a fun start to a wonderful 25th of Dec. I then was just getting myself together when my work colleague (we shall call him Mr. GG) who is around 6ft tall and big, and has a head full of hair, came up to the pool area to fetch me for b’fast. Off we went to fill our tummies. It was buffet style so i had a nice time filling my plate with all the exotic fruits and meats to start my day. I turn around to see where GG had landed, and i spotted him talking to 2 women. I thought they were our work colleagues from a different base, so decided to go over and introduce myself to them. 

me: ” BONJOUR, HI :-D” smiling at the 2 ladies. They were sitting down and GG was standing by their side. I had my back towards GG

lady 1: ” Hi?!”

lady 2: “Hi”

Since i had butted in their conversation only to say Bonjour 🙂 Hi, to them, i decided it’s only polite to let them finish before i introduce myself to them. So i stood there till they were done talking. What seemed strange was that they completely stopped talking and were just looking up at me, which made me look back at them with this look- no no, please carry on.. am free i can stand here all day, listen up to you and then if i remember, will tell you what my name is OR i’ll wait for GG to introduce me to you. Hmmm why isn’t anyone talking anymore and why are the two ladies looking at me like that?? So i turn around to face GG only to realize that this tall skinny bald man ISN’T GG but some stranger. Inside my mind, i can hear roars of laughter. I was hysterically laughing on the inside but on the outside i had this calm smile on my face where i turn my head around in the women’s direction only to tell the one closer to me, “you look so familiar to a very good friend of mine…Am sorry, I mistook you for her. Have a happy xmas :).” 

I turned and walked away trying not to shake with laughter but walk with dignity while trying to spot GG with hardly any vision, since i wasn’t wearing my glasses/lenses. Whom were you talking to Jas? Oh, no one. I thought that tall guy was you. HE IS BALD, I HAVE HAIR!! yeah, *grin* i noticed. 

And then, there was today. Hi, I think i left my black dress in your hotel. I was there on the night of the 25th and checked out the 26th of Dec. Could you please check to make sure that housekeeping found it… I’ll wait, yes. No problem. I was staying on the 9th floor, don’t know the room number but it was probably 3 rooms away from the elevator. You found it???? Thank you so much!!!! No, i was staying on the 9th floor and not the 15th. It is all black. Ok, i’ll call back in two hours.

Hi, its me again. Sorry, please call off the search. I found my dress. It was in my suitcase. ( The case that i have been packing for my wedding and my honeymoon.)

Can anyone blame me???? Air pressure does this to the best of us. Stale, germ filled air with a mixture of a load of other smells all together- a proper molotov cocktail blowing up my cells individually.


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