Now tell me this, how am i supposed to react when stopped abruptly, might i add, only to be asked

“What do i write down for – Nationality?”

Well lets recap the events of the past week. Fantastic flight conditions, amazing crew members, wonderful flight time, sudden turbulence that gives you this amazing feeling in the tummy of that roller coaster ride on the Twister that I got to enjoy at the Universal Studios! And then this happens:

wife -What is my nationality? Canada or Canadian?

me- what are you? Canada or Canadian?

husband- you are Canadian!!!!!! arffffff

Moving along… Excuse me, what do i write down here??? This brash woman, probably overdosed on some sort of “funny” pill ( i need to make this excuse for her as i can’t think of any other reason besides that fact that maybe while “they” were performing lobotomy on her for her “ex” brain to work better- they forgot to put in the new Cells!!!!!), with a fake tan and over the top puffy hair and a loud cigarette ridden voice that cracks your ear-drums stops me. I stare down at her to read her customs card! Well here is how it goes and i will reveal her question after am done telling you HER NATIONALITY!

Question -Nationality?

Answer- Caucasian. 

HMMMM av been getting it all wrong all these years! This one got it all right. Caucasian. Well done bimbo, you make the Caucasians so proud! Now the best part- 

Question: Passport number

Her question: What does this mean? How many passports do i have? 

My answer: Yes, Of course! That’s exactly what they are asking. How many passports do you have. 

Her scribbled answer: 1

Bravo Caucasian with 1 passport, you will definitely need to work more on that fake tan and maybe add a few gym sessions to perk up your behind and get a new hair dresser if you wish to get somewhere with your looks b’coz your brain left you when you were born!



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