Pizza on the road!

Mummy made a road and drew some trees and I build the tracks to the train that had stopped at the Red light, i also built the castle with dirt on the side of the road and a cute little “birdie” and then mummy threw the pizza on that road. 


My MOTHER threw the pizza on the road.

This is the exchange my niece and I were having on the phone last night as i called her before heading to bed. It made no sense at all. None what so ever. Mummy threw the pizza on the road? What castle and what trees??? Well, all i could hear was my sister roaring with laughter as my niece went ahead to repeat everything that i have typed up there, again. Well i was sure my niece was smoking pot – she is only 4! Sounded like she was high on something. It all made sense when my sister sent me this picture



W E L L!! Now that explains it. But then i had my own questions for my sister.


Made my day! the pizza on the road story simply made my day. I love such days. Besides that i had a fantastic day as always. The wonderful personalities i work with managed not to tick me off, one in particular. I was proud of “it”- the personality in question i.e. Hope this dreadful winter isn’t freezing your extremities off and that summer comes and blesses our frozen souls sooner than later.



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