Googles, you funny little bird!!!

My niece just dialed my home line– expecting it to be my sister, i pick up the phone only to hear my little bird on the other end of the phone. She is 4 and is a DOTE!! Just 30 mins prior i had finished talking to her on the phone and was surprised to hear her sad voice this time. On asking what the matter was, this is what she came up with 

” I am crying because my mother always breaks my heart!”

WHAT???? YOUR MOTHER BROKE YOUR HEART??? GET HER ON THE PHONE RIGHT THIS MINUTE— well the situation gets a bit clearer after talking to my sister… Little googles was told to have her dinner, which she clearly refused and insisted on having her ice cream before she thinks of eating her dinner. Well, of course my sister said no. This led her to sneak upstairs and sit and sob about it. She was summoned to show her face down to the dining room right away and on being asked why she was sobbing, her response was

” I am crying because you always break my heart”

OOOO AHHHAHAH my little goog doll i love you. Then the child calls her aunt who probably further breaks her heart by laughing in her face. eeks sorry pet


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