Hoof It

Well have been doing that happy dance for a good while now! A FULL DAY! The monthly schedules are out and while a lot are unhappy with their flying fate, i on the other hand can’t be happier. See, when you have lived with ” la merde” and have accepted its bad taste to last you a life time, nothing will ever disturb your happy equilibrium. Nothing can. Life of a flight attendant starts with a reserve block- being at the beck and call for insane hours, sleeping with that phone in the hope of being called for a nice layover. That rarely happens, as what you end up bagging are turnarounds – going and coming back the same day, But then life changes, you gain seniority and become a bit more daring in your demands – bid for nice long layovers. Never get them though, but you dare and ask. Of course this leads to that sad refrain of ” This is crap, why me, my schedule SUCKS!”.

Once you get over that phase, comes the next phase where you just don’t care. You sometimes don’t even bother bidding coz what’s the point?? The schedule WILL and ALWAYS DOES suck so why waste time hoping you’ll get something remarkable? Hoping that the computer will mess up all the senior’s bids and somehow will give all those 60-80 hrs layovers to you. Coz YOU BLOODY WELL DESERVE IT. Again, that never happens. Why? ‘Coz you are still a junior and always will be. But then, once you have accepted your fate and go with the flow and find a crony in the company who feels bad for your plight, that ” Carlito papito” then, THEN life changes. That’s when change happens. That’s when you get a Dublin layover that you’ve always wished for but could never hold coz you were just based out of the wrong city for it- Montreal, in my case, you get to see this handsome face and kiss it on the 21st of April 2014. That’s when you do the happy dance, hoof it LETS GO!!

Here is my eye candy mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiammmmmmmmmm – ©reserved Image



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