I WILL expose your Incompetence

Today’s post is all about incompetence at its best. I don’t have to write much on this topic as we all know how politicians are known for it, but today i had a first hand experience with it. Am also putting this post out to make everyone who would read this post- aware of what is happening over this end of the world- how our government is so not interested in the well being of its people. Below you’ll find a letter that i sent out to my local MP… the response i got back is beyond disappointing,Pathetic! (av obviously left blanks to protect my identity and the identity of the company i work for— there is no dearth of stalkers in this world and i would hate to have one of my own!!). 

Respected Madame Laverdiere,
My name is___________and am a resident of ________. Am also a Flight Attendant with ______ and am writing to you as a safety professional. The government is trying to fast track the regulation that will reduce the minimum number of flight attendant WITHOUT public consultation. This will definitely affect my ability to ensure passenger safety. I understand your time is precious so i have tried to be as to the point as possible by bringing forward OUR concerns as Safety Professionals :
  • After granting exemptions to Sunwing and WestJet last year, Transport Canada now wants to let all airlines decide what standard they will apply on their aircrafts, the current regulation of 1 flight attendant for every 40 passengers or a new ratio of 1 for every 50 passenger seats.
  • No doubt, the airlines will choose the new ratio and reduce the number of flight attendants on board to save money, no matter what the consequences may be.
  • Transport Canada and the airlines are willing to take a chance on the safety and security of airline passengers. This is NOT right.
  •  Fewer flight attendants will mean fewer safety professionals on board to take care of the passengers in emergency situations, including evacuations, security incidents and dealing with unruly passengers.
  • Flight attendants rely on the coordinated and rapid help from their available in-flight colleagues to save our passengers’ lives.
  • That was the case in 2004, when Air France 358 crashed at Toronto Pearson in 2004. All 309 people on board survived largely due to a very rapid evacuation by the flight attendants, before the plane was consumed by fire. They had a ratio of 1 flight attendant for 30 passengers.
  • Asiana 214 crashed in San Francisco last summer. Of  the 307 people on board, 3 were killed. Again, hundreds of lives were saved due to the actions of flight attendants. They had a ratio of 1 flight attendant per 24 passengers.
  • Canadians are proud to have high aviation safety standards. Why would we want to reduce our safety standards? It’s not a race to the bottom.
  • Approximately 14,000 concerned Canadians have signed a petition against a change to the ratio. (www.change.org/flysafe)
  • If the Federal Government really wants to help out our airlines, they can do so without reducing our safety standards. They should lower airport taxes to make our airlines and airports more cost-effective and competitive with other airports.
  • The new ratio of 1 flight attendant for every 50 passenger seats will mean that we will have unmanned emergency exits on our planes.
  • That’s a dangerous proposal and Transport Canada has not even done a risk assessment of operating with two different flight attendant staffing ratios at one airline.
  • Strangely, in 2006, Transport Canada stated that there should be only one ratio at an airline and that this ratio should operate on a company-wide basis to avoid confusion among flight attendants who would work on aircrafts with different ratios.
  • Certainly, the reality on board an aircraft in an emergency situation has not changed since then, but it seems that Transport Canada has now caved in to the airlines by proposing to go ahead with a regulatory change that is even worse than what former Conservative Transport Ministers Lawrence Cannon and John Baird rejected for safety reasons.
  • In a December 2013 poll, 74% of Canadians felt too that reducing the number of flight attendants would have a negative impact on safety. They should be listened to.
  • Transport Canada intends to have the regulatory change in effect as soon as possible, maybe as early as this fall. And, they want to proceed without any involvement by Parliamentarians.
  • One day of hurried consultation with stakeholders announced by Transport Canada for May 22 is not enough.
  • Passenger safety and security require a more thorough process, a process in which Canada’s elected representatives must have a central role.
  • Therefore, I am politely asking you to please contact your colleagues on the Transport Committee and ask them to launch a public inquiry of proposed regulatory change as soon as possible.

I trust in you and hope you can help us fight this fight. 


Response of my Local MP — Enjoy reading this!!!

Thank you for your detailed letter expressing your disappointment with the Conservative government’s failure to negotiate a new Health Accord and sharing your hopes for the renewal and expansion of our public health care system.

 We know that the 2003/2004 Health Accords have been a failure under the Conservative government. The Conservative government walked away from shared health commitments with the provinces and territories, and failed to make significant progress on home care, wait times, and a pan-Canadian prescription drug plan. They have also refused to negotiate a new Health Accord and unilaterally cut health care funding.

 We in the NDP believe there is a strong federal role in the provision of public health care, including an adequate and stable funding formula for the Canada Health Transfer.  The federal government must also work with the provinces to create health care reforms that ensure that Canadians continue to receive quality health care, and that this standard of care is guaranteed across the country.

 Canadians deserve equal access to affordable medications, team-based primary care clinics with doctors, nurses and allied health professionals; continuing care across their lifespan; and preventative health education and resources.  That’s why it is more important than ever that the federal government commit to a 2014 Health Accord and working with the Premiers on health care innovation, so that Canadians can continue to receive the care they need.

 For more information on the NDP’s push to improve and expand our public health care system, please see the attached ‘Health Care: Now is the Time – A Message from Canadians. You can also visit our website: www.ndp.ca/health 

 Again, thank you for taking the time to write to me regarding this important issue.


 Hélène Laverdière

M.P. for Laurier – Sainte-Marie

New Democratic Party

————————————- MY response to her  INCOMPETENCE ——————————— SCROLL DOWN !!

I am appalled at the level of incompetence on your behalf. Please re-read the subject I have raised and then re-evaluate the response you have sent me. I am beyond disappointed!!
THE END ( for the time being at least!! ) Let’s see if this gets somewhere! If you’ve read this post and are a Canadian Citizen/ PR card holder… please send out an email to your local MP and make our concern heard! This is an important issue that pertains to the safety and well being of us all. 

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