Unhappy Lungs

4 deg C and a nice crisp wind blowing, makes it feel more like -4 but what the heck? That won’t stop me. The sun is what i live for so wind or no wind, you’ll see me walking the streets like a hobo! I had my camera with me today, except the day felt so lazy with the sun beating down on my face that i decided to catch a shut eye. Decided it was a day worth squatting on the steps by “Place des Arts” , so I used my bulky camera cover as a nice pillow and dosed off. 

What really gets to me is- when a place is totally unoccupied, you make it YOUR’S and then the world seems to notice it and decides to do exactly what you are doing- make it their own. That’s fine with me. I have no issues with that. But why puff your poison IN MY direction and wake me up, literally choking me on YOUR smoke?? WHY? 

I exercise to make my lungs feel royal and then you throw a nasty smoke bomb in my direction. Talk about unhappy lungs. I have to say, after smelling that nastiness in its crudest, used form, i sprinted right back into my rabbit hole head first. 


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