Happy Anniversry

Yes! It has been 1 year since i started blogging and it has been one year since i got married but that’s not the reason for the heading above. Dec 13th 2014 i received an email from wordpress congratulating me on completing 1 whole year of non-sensical jibber-jabber that i type on here, that is when i realized that it has been a while since my last post. Where do i begin picking up the strings? What month of which year, when i have a hard time keeping track of seconds in my life :-s. Just yesterday as we were driving my consort and i ended up discussing the movie – “The Commitments”, except, i don’t remember seeing it. After 20 mins of him talking about it and me constantly denying ever watching it, the discussion ended with –
” Watch the trailer on you tube or we can watch the movie later tonight and 10 minutes before the ending you can celebrate the fact that you indeed had seen this movie before!”
I came back home and checked the trailer on you tube. The trailer didn’t ring any bells except for one character that helped me realize that i indeed had watched this movie- 2 odd months ago or so! This is what we are dealing with. My eyes watch so many movies that my brain and memory can’t keep up. Its almost like driving a fast car– things fly past and then they are gone, who remembers what you saw after it has passed? Not me for sure. For me to recap what all I’ve seen and places I’ve visited i carry my camera with me ALL THE TIME. If i didn’t have that piece of equipment forget asking me anything as the answer would always be the same- NO i have not seen it,NO i have not been there, NO i have not done that, NO i don’t know you, NO i am not hungry ( this one won’t work as i am always hungry !) but you get my drift! Am trying to ease into the art of re-blogging, as even though i don’t remember things/ people/ places/ incidents/ movies etc i do however have loads of things to type out- just need to go step by step to re-introduce you to my “regurgitated” contemplation. This discussion shall be carried on in the coming days/ weeks/ months/ years… as and when i remember that i have a page to maintain and another anniversary to celebrate.


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