Perfect winter activity

-16°C and too much energy, how can we make make the most of it? By the way if you are wondering how to type the             ” ° ” symbol out- all you have to do is press Alt and 248 together. Go on, try it, it works! Now how many of you tried that out? I’ll get to know from the stats tomorrow :-D.. .back to typing my perfect winter story.. so yes, so cold outside- it’s almost sinful to waste a beautiful sunny cold day sitting in front of the ” idiot box” and watching all the 4 seasons of Game of Thrones – or at least attempting that unfathomable feat. Well thank the nerds for creating sites like Groupon. Two weeks ago we went to Omega Park and got burped in the face by this young buck who was eager to be fed carrots. I was busy taking this beautiful video>>>>>>>> 

of the deer sparring when this young buck sticks his face in through the drivers side window and just lets out the most vile stench right in my face. Anyone who knows me even as a colleague, knows i have a highly sensitive nose, so imagine how i dealt with that! I couldn’t deal with it- threw the camera at Tom and pulled up the window only to be engulfed in that reeking fetor. Wild experience, would do it over and over again. Loved every moment of that day but that’s not what this blog is all about today. So went on Groupon and saw this great value deal for Dog Sledding. $89 for two for over an hour in the Laurentian Mountains approximately 3.5 hrs away from Montreal. Decided, why not- lets go and we did!

Check out the website :
Its run by a young Biologist and his wife and they have a passion for nature and love animals. A total of 65 dogs and a fantastic guy named Laurent as the musher. Driving to the log cabin surrounded by nature and the most loyal dogs who don’t care if you pet them or not, they get enough love and attention from their master- they live to pull you through the snow clad mountain trails onto the Kiamika reservoir, the best winter activity ever. If being a Flight Attendant wasn’t paying me as well as it does, allowing me to fulfill my passion of travelling, i would’ve definitely wanted to be a musher and live the simple life in the company of loyal animals, surrounded by nature- watching deer run and hop on 13″ of frozen water. Tom managed to take a video of me asking if “Hep” meant “stop”, note the musher says Hep at least a few times in the video and none of the dogs ever stopped hahaha, note tom sneaking in a smile right after! Pest! Well i never claimed to be the brightest bulb on the porch! You can either be bright or hot!
Check out the video of Musher J, right here >>>>>>>>>>> 


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