A world Heritage experience

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My time off this winter, to escape the harsh Canadian weather took me exploring the beautiful town of ” Cesky Krumlov“- a UNESCO world heritage site in the Czech Republic The whole experience in itself was memorable. Not only is this little fairy tale town worth visiting but you should take my lead and try getting there via public transportation. The train ticket can be purchased from the train station in Prague for less than €20 return / 500 CZK. From the time you purchase the ticket to the walk over to the train platform, you will be approached by a number of helpful souls who wish to make sure that you make it on time and don’t miss your train. They will usher you in the right direction, they can’t be missed as they wear a traffic vest. Once you get on the train, and out of gratitude offer them 50 CZK, they will tell you the fee is 250 CZK. Your jaw will drop because it sounds like a lot of money, except you feel a lot better about being screwed out of it when you convert it to CAD and realize its only $12.00. These helpful souls need to be avoided at all times or else, a hit of 250 CZK on a shoe string budget will cost you your vacation. Once on the train, you are safe until you reach your connecting station – Cesky Budejovice. Here, if you don’t make a dash for it, avoiding helpful souls along the way, you WILL miss your connection – which is what exactly happened and i loved every moment of that excitement. By the time i made it to the right platform, the train was in the sticks. Plan B, which i didn’t have when i left Prague,but  came up with it at the very moment was to take the bus from Budejovice to Krumlov instead of waiting for over an hour for the next train. Right away the priority was to look for a bus station. Ask people for directions in a language they didn’t speak i.e. English, use gestures, make bus like noises, anything that would make them understand that you are looking for a public transportation and are not insane, well not totally. That worked! The bus was spotted. It was a task as the buses run from the TOP of a huge shopping center called the Mercury Center. How i even managed to figure that out is yet a mystery? The ride was cheap enough, around 33 CZK and I was delighted with the arrival time into Krumlov, only 20 mins later than the scheduled arrival time by train. Fantastic! Well, once there its evident what i did. There is nothing I can tell you about this place that isn’t already covered by Wikipedia, all i can say is, the memories that i returned with, and the pictures that captured along the way, will forever take me back to this beautiful place as often as my heart desires. Before I forget, for all those who love to eat you have to try the Bramborak- the potato pancake. It is deep-fried but one isn’t enough. yummmmmmmyy in my tummmmmy and now i have spilled the tea on my couch aaaaaand its brown!- the couch, same color as the spilled tea.

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2 thoughts on “A world Heritage experience

  1. Wow, you describe it so well, I feel as if I have been on that same journey and have felt the same experiences as you. It has tickled my fancy so much that I now plan to go on that journey some day. Do you think that it would be OK for an old person (I am getting on in years) to do exactly as you recommend. Maybe the excitement might be too much. What with missing trains and overcrowded buses, I just think it could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If you think it would not be too strenuous for a person of my age, I am prepared to give it a go.


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