For all you Hugh Jackman and Kylie Minogue Fans, a MUST watch!!

I think i am IN LOVE with Hugh Jackman. I clearly remember how I used to detest his wolverine look. I guess in reality I secretly liked it but didn’t want him to know that – hence the lie about not really liking it. So here I was sitting in my living room wondering why Dr. Phil always tries to plug his beloved Robin in all his shows?? The woman has no talent. Am not particularly his fan either but, he provides good entertainment for when I want to do my 40 mins of strength work-out ( you know, pretend push-ups, 10 sit ups, 4 mountain climbers, 2 mins butt lift etc etc). Well, today i came across something that is so funny that it’s hard not to choke on. Its called – Innueundo Bingo on BBC Radio 1. I saw a few episodes of it till I stumbled upon THE ONE with Hugh Jackman as the guest in it , hosted by Kylie Minogue. Scott Mills was away so Kylie hosted this particular episode.. I cannot describe how funny it was, all i can say is that it has left my throat hoarse from all the manic laughter.
E N J O Y!



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