Blog your dreams

I have been struggling with this idea for a good while. Am not  sure if I should really go ahead with it but it feels like so many people have a hard time even shutting their eyes and getting a winks sleep that for me to put my dreams out there might just sound as if i am making fun of people’s inability to enjoy something i so love doing. s l e e p i n g.

Av made a list of pros and cons of putting my inner non-sense , randomness out there. The pros obviously outweigh the cons, as the only con is that the censored stuff would be read by my family and they might really start believing  that i am not all there, but as a risk taker i am willing to bare my soul and let everyone in. Everyone deserves to have a hearty laugh. I will however, start with something more profound and slowly move on to complete trash, so please bare with me. Am hoping my family has stopped reading this and have resumed back to doing something more constructive.

So, I woke up an hour ago, all refreshed and happy because I had the chance of experiencing something only very driven individuals have experienced so far after dedicating their lives to studies and mathematics. I visited the outer space. The decision to get there wasn’t easy. I went and met my mum and told her that i was being sent into outer space by my company and that I would be gone for a while- which meant she wouldn’t get me see me again. My mum was so proud of me. She was thrilled and simply so proud. This left me a bit confused but in the end it made me realize that it was a good thing. If mum is proud then I must be doing the right thing. Well so off i went. I was placed inside this dark green pod, i had food supply with me but was told that I wouldn’t need it in outer space and that i was good to go. I probably blacked out through the rocket launching, or should I say ” pod launching” stage as i don’t remember seeing any fire, wire, gas, glass as I was being propelled into the unknown. Next I see myself surrounded by complete pitch darkness and I look down at my wrist watch to see how much time has elapsed. I am 120 years in the future. Time flew by. I look around and wonder if i had aged. I was exactly the way i was 120 years ago. Wow, not aged at all, am not hungry at all, i get to see something not many people can boast of seeing, only drawback being- my family isn’t here with me. Everything has ceased, the past has dissolved, the question remains…. how long do i stay in my pod? This was the dilemma I was faced with when my hungry pangs started gnawing at me. IMG_0372 (2)


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