Returning back from Cancun, Mexico and we were an hour into our flight, a gentleman approaches me in the back galley all perplexed and jittery. His hands were shaking and he proceeded by telling me that he needed to talk to me. I put down my tea and lent him my curious ears. He blurred out ” I was robbed today and my heart is hurting!”
My bells ring, hmmmm anxiety! That’s it. I go on an interrogation mode- when was the last time you ate anything Sir? Are you on any sort of medication or do you take any medication for any sort of an ailment? The poor guy stares back at me and says, no, no medication… am healthy, the last time i ate was this morning, before I got mugged. Well then, have a seat and eat this pizza. I hand him a pizza and lead him towards the crew row so him and I could have a chat. I give him orange juice and tell him to drink it. Once the orange juice enters his system and the pizza sits in his fingers, I decide to up my interrogation and ask him more – ” painful” questions.
Me : So, you got mugged this morning, that is very unfortunate. What did the robbers leave with?
Him : They took my wallet. It had money in it, they took it all.
Me : What about your passport or PR card? Can you enter the country?
Him : Yes, am OK to enter. I have my passport.
Me : Well then, why so anxious?? Unless there is more to the story… spill the beans.
Him : They took my wedding ring. I am scared. What will I tell my wife? How will I explain to her that they took my wedding ring?
Me : That’s your worry? That’s what has got you so anxious?
Him : Yes.

I could see the mark of the ring on his ring finger. I thought to filter my train of thought but at times its hard for me not to blur out what i really think, so i did exactly that. I blurred it out.

Me: You are scared of how you are going to explain to your wife the loss of your wedding band? You are kidding me! She will be thrilled they didn’t harm you and left you off easy by just robbing you of materialist things. She will be over joyed to see you in one piece and will be thrilled with the idea that now you both can renew your vows and she can get another diamond ring! Are you serious? You are scared of what you are going to tell your wife? You should finish your pizza and I will come and check on you after my service.

Him : 🙂

I couldn’t get over how fearful he was of his wife. How was he going to explain to her the loss of his wedding band. This got me thinking… maybe he is married to Cruella de Vil and maybe in his house hold it is a big deal to lose something that sentimental, but then again HE GOT MUGGED. Its not as if he went and said ” here take my wallet and my ring and now I am going to go hungry till late evening, till am nearly fainting and tell this story to the flight attendants on board.”
So I finish my service, come back to the guy to check on him and ask him if he had eaten his pizza. Yes, he said. I returned to the galley and asked my colleague if he really had finished his pizza and she showed me, what was remaining of his pizza. 2 full slices. Hmmm he didn’t eat his pizza. I go back to him and address him in a real serious tone of voice
” You want to tell me the truth now?”
— Am not lying, I was really mugged. They took my ring.
!!!! Not that Mr., Why did you not finish your pizza???

HAHA you are too funny miss, thank you, I feel so much better talking to you. You totally changed my mood.
Yes Sir, that’s what I do, but really, why didn’t you eat your pizza???


2 thoughts on “I GOT MUGGED!!!

  1. You sound like a very kind person. If I was travelling on a flight with you, I would make sure I got mugged before hand (at least that is what I would tell you) in order to get all that attention. However you have to be lauded on your professional approach and the manner which you handled this incident. BUT, if this same gentleman happens to board a flight, at some future date, in which you are an attendant and spins the same yarn, i would ask him more challenging questions. You know the old adage, Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me. I think it was President Bush who coined that phrase. His was more convoluted, I just simplified it, because I am ,after all, a simple person.


  2. Thank you voicesteeler, you are so kind. Am leaving for a week long pairing starting today, let’s see what new stories I come back with. If I were to give – my biggest fan award- it would definitely go out to you.


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