Mishmash and me in the pool.

Ok, so today’s dream, or rather I should say last night’s dream goes as follows…

I am in the pool, wearing shorts and a t-shirt and realized that while doing the back stroke, if I don’t move my arms and just my legs, but keep them above water as in not let them submerge in the water and keep them held high up- like doing the reverse crunch and then wave them madly up and down, I can fly faster through the water and look less like a sinking sponge. Then I try the same with the front crawl. Something that i struggle with… I just can’t get my breathing right. So I try to fit the same formula with this stroke, only to realize that it is nearly impossible to lift my legs high enough for them not to be submerged. I arch my back to the point I look like this :

Now that isn’t me but that’s exactly how I was in my dream of course with my swimming cap and goggles, without which I would be completely useless. Obviously I was getting no where with my swimming when this parachute lands right in my pool. I turn my head around to look at who landed in my pool was my in law’s neighbor – Lisa ( but she isn’t Lisa that I know, except in my dream she is Lisa but doesn’t look like Lisa) tells me that she just ‘open bid’ for a flight. For all those who are reading this and are not in the aviation industry – that means they put their name out to be awarded a flight. Now they might or might not get it, but they are willing to fly on that specific day, they open bid for.

Well, my gold-fish like attention span gets distracted from the parachute that just landed in my swimming pool at the indoor community center to asking Lisa when exactly she joined the aviation and how come she never told me about this before. Well I couldn’t get an answer as I think i swallowed water in my dream or something b’cos I woke up coughing ( dry throat, probably from all the ‘right’ breathing I was doing, trying to stay afloat). That was the end of it.


4 thoughts on “Mishmash and me in the pool.

  1. I suspect that you have developed a new swimming technique here, which subject to further development and fine tuning, could be the breakthrough awaited by many in the annals of speed swimming. It would appear from your dream, that the technique is only applicable to the back stroke and not the crawl. It is possible that some future dream may lead to a break through here also. We can only live in hope. But in the meantime although so far you have only achieved this, increase in speed, in a dream, the next step is to apply this methodology to a real life situation in order to prove scientifically that you have indeed made a genuine breakthrough. I suspect that you are really on to something here but I would advise caution when applying this new technique, which should be perfected in your bath at home first. Once you have gained confidence you should graduate to the public baths and make sure that there are no spectators present as the consequences could be serious. If you feel it is absolutely necessary, in the interest of safety, you could rely on the assistance of a dear and trusted friend. Make sure this person is on the same wavelength as yourself so that he or she is aware that this technique is in its infancy and in the event of the episode been observed by a third party that this person can attest to your sanity. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours.


    • Voicesteeler thank you for taking the time in reading my blog and posting your comment. I have to say that i will surely work on this and take heed to all your suggestions, who knows one day i would be able to challenge you to a swimming race? Think about it 🙂


  2. Đurđica Bjedov is the only Yugoslavian swimmer to win an Olympic medal. At the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City she became Olympic champion in 100m breaststroke and Olympic runner up in 200m breaststroke. However after winning her Olympic medal she began experimenting a dangerous but potentialy explosive swimming stroke she called ‘the Torpedo’. She mastered the exact movements that you described and began to swim faster than any person before or since. Unfortunately the ‘Torpedo’ proved to be so succesful that it led to her demise. One morning she jumped into the pool and began the stroke, it was working better than ever. She could not resist propelling herself through the water with more and more velocity. She then picked up so much momentum and speed that it was impossible to stop. Bjedov slammed into the wall at the end of the pools deepend killing herself instantly. Be careful with this technique, some things are just too dangerous for people to play with! Bjedov should forever be remembered for great performances in competion and not as the woman who swam so fast that she became an actual ‘Torpedo’, exploding on impact!


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