That’s it, Am very bad at keeping in touch but am very good at apologizing for it. From now on what av decided to do is, to dedicate my pictures to those that i appreciate and care about. Every day I shall be dedicating a picture to someone I know, friend, work colleague, past work colleague, college friend, school friend, my foes, etc etc. This picture was taken in Northern Wales, actually at Portmeirion. I remember when I took this picture I laughed and said “Mooneyyy moooney moneyy monooneyyy MOOONEEEY”. This picture is dedicated to CHRISTINE MOONEY, av know her for the past 10 years and even though I don’t see/ talk to her as often as I should, our friendship is the kind that’ll remain for a good while to come. IMG_9434 (2)
Av a song for everyone I like and her’s involves singing the above tune ( Mooneyyy moooney moneyy monooneyyy MOOONEEEY) at a very unique and annoyingly high  pitch, only she knows of it.


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