Around the world in 14 days :)

I was checking out my web admin page when I ended up finding this unpublished post in my draft folder… This was written exactly a year ago but somehow I never got the chance to publish the blog knowing myself its due to the fact I run on 2 brain cells and no sleep with jet lag and an adventurous spirit in hand.  Today I am sitting in the Hotel’s business centre in the Dominican Republic and the situation regarding this month’s schedule was quite similar to the one that you’ll get to read in a bit. I messed up my April schedule (  seems like an on-going yearly ritual) where I ended up with 10 turns. A generous colleague gave me her fantastic pairing in exchange of 8 of the worse turns ever! If you are in the aviation industry you’ll know what “Dead-heading” means, well imagine 10 turns with 10 dead-heads! I wanted to barf looking at the schedule. Thankfully, my persuasion, persistence and desperation led me to altering the whole schedule and getting the one I was more than happy with. God bless the generous people I am surrounded with – At work and outside work! I won’t rant any further…. here is something I wrote in april of 2014 for you to read and enjoy 🙂 BLOG FROM APRIL 2014 OK, so do you remember the previous blog titled ” Hoof It ?” Well I’ll call this HOOF IT ALL OVER AGAIN! I just love surprises and I LOVE making plans. Plans that will take you from one end of the world to another in less than a minute and then back to where you started from, packing your bags and just heading for the most unexpected place – could be to the community pool for a swim or over to your parent’s place in another province. I mean, anything that you didn’t envision, that ends up happening and that too in less than an hour, I LOVE THAT. So just to give you an idea… today, sitting in my parents living room in Toronto ( I live in Montreal, I decided to just come over as I had nothing going on in Montreal today!) I have become a Real Estate Agent, I have already sold my apartment that is located in the heart of Montreal, bought a place – right next door to my parents, am living with my sweetheart there , have built a hole in the common fence and have already bought myself my little dog. All this happened in a matter of 4 hours — didn’t really happen BUT CAN happen. All this happened in Theory. No, am not changing my profession or even starting with another job, I live to travel and shall continue doing it for a good part of my existence and no av not bought anything or moved anywhere —- this is what I mean by making plans. This is exactly i end up making decisions the way I do because if it is an idea in my head, invariably IT ENDS up happening. Now how does that take me around the world in 14 days??? Read on… I saw my April schedule, i was thrilled with it as I’ll get to see my eye candy and even kiss it and more 😉 in Dublin. Well then i envisioned long layovers down south and all over Europe. What ends up happening?? I manage to exchange all my turnarounds for just that. I means THANK YOU SENIORS. Now i get to go to Cancun Vancouver London Toronto Rome Dublin Paris Toulouse all in 14 days. How the heck did this happen?? I honestly have no idea. Things just fall in my lap and I take them. This kind of schedule is possible.


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