Tax year 2014 and the memories of a “stolen” friend!

Am sitting here in the business centre, playing accountant and waiting for my client to drop in. He on the other hand is busy making a deposit if you know what I mean! The CRA is not in my best books for this year and Revenue Quebec has shown its true colours as well. No dedications today, no one is getting their 1 day’s fame and a personal picture on my blog page today. My client has arrived.

We are all set to save him some major dollars. In return I have been promised a bicycle. I am blogging this as I will soon be tagging him to this post to make sure he is aware of the promise and doesn’t end up forgetting our agreement. The agreement also stated that I was to make sure he was getting a refund from the blood suckers (CRA). Well he is getting one, it’s just missing a + in front of the amount due ($-29.31) , av decided to pay him $30.00 and get that bicycle I so deserve! Talking about bicycles, well mine got robbed from a locked underground condominium building parking lot by none other than my “friendly” neighbours. I left on a 3 month vacation and came back to an empty bike stand. We have around 10 bike stands in the basement to lock our bikes to, except I am living in a city where people don’t understand the real meaning of ” communal bike stands”. They are simple people with an equally simple logic :  that being,
“If I park my bike at bike spot A, that bike spot A BELONGS to me”
That means, NO ONE ELSE has the right to park their bike in that spot in the absence of their bike. Well guess what, I didn’t get the memo! I did exactly that. Saw an empty space, parked my bike and off I went on my fun vacation, only to return back to NO bike. Well, there was a bike there, just not mine.

Am hoping this blog shall melt my clients already soft marshmallow heart and get me my well deserved “payment”. It’s time to go hunting for food now.


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