Random visit

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(click to enlarge) To Carcassonne With much Love Jasmin

Planning isn’t my forte. Let me rephrase, carefully planning one trip isn’t my forte. What I enjoy doing is making several travel plans out of which I am proud to state that more than half are realized. Every single month I come up with a new destination to visit for the following month, the chances of me visiting the destination set by myself  are actually slim to none BUT the chances of me visiting A destination are very strong. Who wants to live by set plans? Plans ( my travel plans)  are meant to bend and alter, that’s how I end up seeing more than what I planned for.
How do I come up with a destination to visit?
Most of the times av either heard its mention way too often or I visited it in my dreams. So when I wake up, I often end up nodding my head and telling myself, yeah, need to go there. I am not an avid reader or curious enough to know much about the place I wish to visit. I love photography and visually what looks nice to me often ends up taking priority in my travel plans. When I leave for a destination I just have a regular backpack with few to no clothes stuffed in there, my camera and sun glasses. That itself ends up taking a good bit of space. I hate to carry travel guides or maps. Am crap at following instructions and compare myself to a hound, instead of the nose I follow my eyes. What looks good and sounds nice, ends up being used as a yardstick.
This is exactly how I ended up at Carcassonne. Before I even got there I has no clue this place even existed. Then I ended up seeing it and was mesmerized by its splendour and grandeur.  I am still not aware of the history of its existence nor am I interested in knowing about it. Here is a glimpse of what I saw and the reason why I choose to share this particular picture over 500 other that I took that day is because at this very moment I remember thanking my stars for bringing me to this place so I could take a part of it with me and pin it in my book of happy moments as a day well spent and a place well worth visiting.


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