Night time adventure

I love how the brain works. The events of the day and the visual stimuli that your brain records during the day, ends up feeding your dreams at night. This one was particularly adventurous. Yesterday was a lovely 21°C so obviously the world was out and about doing their business. Dealing drugs around the metro corners etc, you get the drift. Well my brain was made aware of this activity and that ended up leaving an imprint on my mind’s eye making it the theme of last night’s dream. I’ll * the events and reference them at the end of the dream.

I am standing at a distance along with my sweetheart (Tom) staring at this person down the lane. It’s a beautiful setting.. there is grass all about us and a dusty footpath that leads to where this crook is standing. The nasty looking man asks for me to be sent over as a slave*. I look at Tom and he quickly opens this wooden door of a little caravan* that is parked close by and hides me in there. I am very uncomfortable so he lays down 5 thick blankets, maroon in color for my comfort. We need to get past the man to go to the other side as we are late for our date night. So Tom pushes the caravan and we are enter the enemy territory. I can hear the nasty man ask around why his slave hasn’t been delivered to him. As we cross him I get a glimpse of his face and this man is actually a woman*. I am shocked to see her as its hard for me to get my head around this whole thing. We manage to get past her and suddenly I am no longer in the cramped caravan but am walking side by side with Tom and talking about how delicious the Shrimp linguine* was. Walking a couple of yards we come across this massive spider* crawling in our direction, the sun is now setting and the green grass has turned into dried spinach* leaves. That’s all I remember.

( It would’ve been funny if the Spider spoke in the odd Anderson Silva voice!)

* Slave  I watched 4 episodes of Game of Thrones (season 5, can’t disclose where I found them), well Khaleesi had freed the slaves and now is their queen.. you would know about it if you watched the other 4 seasons.
* Caravan – its something to do with Tyrian Lannister in season 5 episode 2 – can’t talk about it or I’ll ruin the fun for all the people who are waiting to see it.
* woman Last evening we went to this pizza place that we enjoy, there was a single lady sitting there eating her pizza and the server got busy talking to her… she was mexican and so was the server so they went on chatting for a good while…
* Shrimp linguine – am hosting a dinner tonight to celebrate my brothers 27th  early birthday and am making shrimp linguine
*Spider- before actually turning the lights off and heading to bed, I was watching the documentary on Anderson Silva ( MMA fighter)whose cage name is the Spider.
*Spinach- I had ordered a vegetarian pizza and spinach was one of the ingredients on it… it had dried up and I remember commenting on it 


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