Continuing on the same theme : Sitio-Nazare, Portugal

Jump on a local bus that takes you to north of Lisbon to this picturesque town of Sitio-Nazare. If you have been to Portugal and have yet to visit this place then don’t sit and wait for a formal invite, get going as you are really missing out. It’s the most beautiful fishing village that you’ll come across still preserved in time. The fisherwomen dry their sardines and mackerel in the summer sun while people watching.
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Nazare beach is also well-known among the surfing community. This place is known to get high waves, so a perfect spot for water sports lovers.  High above the town of Nazare is gorgeous town of Sitio. The adventurous folks can hike up the steps and take in the beauty at their own pace and those who wish to conserve their energy for when they get up to Sitio can enjoy the cable car. The old part of the town is actually built on a HUGE ROCK. I remember as we were walking up to Sitio how windy it was, but once we reached the top, the view looking down towards Narare was simply breathtaking. I saw this sea-gull trying hard to fly straight but was being pushed by the wind… so I sat with my little pink colored Sony 12 pixels camera and after waiting for over 10 minutes or so manage to capture this shot – this is how long it took the poor bird to reach close to the cliff.
lyon,montreal, portugal 290 (2)

The vendors in this quaint town have preserved the tradition and wear the traditional dress. I approached the lady and asked her if I could take a picture and she felt so proud. The pose says it all. She stood there letting me click her.
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There are over 500 pictures that I can post of this place, am going to stick to just these few for you to get the idea of what this place is all about, the rest is for everyone to discover on their own. My posts are not usually this long as I lose interest typing out stuff talking about a place in an obsessive manner so am going to cut it short and let you Wikipedia the heck out of it. 
Click on the pictures to enlarge. Enjoy Portugal! Yes, I think you should really visit it.
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