The fortified city

Obidos. The old fortified city is not more than 75 -80 kms outside Lisbon and can easily be reached by local bus. This was the day that I discovered the delicious coxinhas de frango- the tasty chicken balls. Tasted the first one in a local bus station while waiting for the bus early in the morning around 8 am. I couldn’t get enough of it and before I even got to board the bus I had hogged down 4 of those tasty little things. Right, back to Obidos. My memory of that place , like all the other places I traveled to in Portugal are that of returning back there again and bringing my loved one’s along so I can share the beauty and breathtaking views. I remember walking into this little garment shop and got talking to the gentleman there who told me he was renting his place for around 200 Euros for 2 weeks. I went there in the month of September and from what I could see, it wasn’t buzzing with tourists at that time which was great. The little old man asked me if I wanted to see his place and of course, I did. So he called his son to take over looking after the shop and off we went to his place which wasn’t more than 7 mins walk away.It was nothing how I expected it to be. This house was HUGE. He was renting out was his whole house. There were 3 bedrooms, separate living room, dining and kitchen. The whole place for 200 Euros. I was baffled. After asking him again to make sure I got it right, it was confirmed he was asking for only 200 Euros. So I took his information and said to myself, am coming back here. Av yet to go back. Here are a few pictures of Obidos. A beautifully preserved Medieval town encircled by the old wall, you can walk and get the feel of the place.
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