Mo laethanta saoire irish iontach—My fantastic Irish Vacation

Can anyone tell me if Google translate has done justice to blog heading above? It’s in Irish Gaelic.

I fell in love with Ireland in 2006 when I first had the chance to visit it. Since then it’s one of my favorite destinations to visit and vacation. I love the country so much that I married THE MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR that Ireland ever produced, though of course in reality the credit goes to my formidable in-laws.

Ever since 2006 I wanted to share the beauty of my adopted country with my family. Well that’s exactly what ended up happening on April 20th 2015. We boarded the plane, my mum, sister and my Irish love along with a friend and made our way over to Ireland. Of course working in the airline Industry, it’s against my principles  to pay a full fare so it was understood we would all be going stand-by. There is some rush in knowing that your best laid plans might not pan out the way you would like them to, due to the uncertainty involved in going on a Stand-by status. Well there were 19 empty seats and we were all on our way to the airport. There was no way we were not going to get on that bird. I remember commenting to my sister  -” Imagine a wedding party of 16 decides to show up at the counter and make a last-minute purchase?! What excitement would that be :). ” You would think my sister would panic and freak out…. no, we don’t freak out about things like that. That only calls for another adventure. Our back-up plan, which really wouldn’t have worked as Dublin was the last departure of the day, was to jump on the flight to London and ferry across to Ireland. We want a proper adventure full of fatigue wrapped in a sense of accomplishment at the same time.

In any case, we arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance and there was panic in the air. I waltz over with my family to the counter, hug an old friend working at the counter and approach the desk to give our names to be put on the stand by list. WELL did all hell break loose or what?

The supervisor blasted me

Her: ” 4 of you on stand by???? There is no space on DUB flight. the flight is fully booked!”
Me: Hmmmm but I checked, there are 19 empty seats!
Her: The over flow of the MAN flight has all been moved on to the DUB flight, there is no room!
Me: Doesn’t matter, am sure plenty won’t want to go to DUB so you’ll have 4 empty seats for sure. Please take down our names.
Her: Sorry. Can’t do.
Me: Who can then?
Her: Go to the other counter, I can’t talk right now I am busy
Me: OK 🙂 <———- outside expression ————-> inside expression ( may the over load of all other flights bog your brain down!!!!)

Well the other lady, who obviously wasn’t the supervisor, was so kind. She took down our names and told us to check back with her an hour prior to the flight departure of 11:35 pm. “All was grand” as the Irish say and we decided to sit and kill time laughing and joking around. We made plans of what we would do in Ireland, castles we would be visiting, cliff walks we would be doing, quaint towns we would photograph and family we would be meeting. Since this was the first time my mum and sister were going over, they would get the chance to meet my in-laws fantastic friends and family. Time rolled by quickly and it was around 10 pm. I decided to approach the desk to see if anyone could give me a positive signal of what our status looked like. I approached the girl who was initially being bullied by the supervisor as she was unsure of some computer procedure and just wasn’t getting it right. The kind girl told me to go to the supervisor as she would be able to check me in. There were 6 open seats, which meant all 5 of us would be able to get on. That was unfathomable! I wouldn’t approach the beast, once was enough and so refused to approach the angry hornet. I decided to wait out the 30 minutes till I was called at the desk, and till they were able to do me us honor of checking us all in. That’s exactly what happened and along with that an apology happened.
The supervisor apologized for losing her cool, of course along with the apology came the excuses explaining why she lost her cool, which really didn’t matter. We were all going on vacation and couldn’t care less. We were on our way over to IRELAND for a fantastic time————————–> Click on pictures to enlarge and if you manage to save enough dough, please kiss the soft Irish grass on my behalf!


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