I am having a Jameson.

All dolled up for the tea at the Waterford Castle. A fantastic place to visit and an experience that’ll stay fresh in my memory for a good while to come. It’s more like a tradition for us to visit it every time am over. When I say “us” am referring to my in-laws and myself, minus my handsome half. He wouldn’t raise his little finger while sipping at the delicious Irish tea, stuffing his gob with the most delicious sandwiches and scones even if his life depended on it.Well we do it every few months, and religiously!
This time the company was slightly different. It was an all girl’s day out with my mum, mum-in-law, sister and friend . While taking 110 taking pictures and advancing with a step at a time, we finally managed to make our way over from the car park into the reserved lap of the beige coloured Chesterfield sofa. There was no need to even glance at the menu, we were such regulars we knew why we were there, for our 4 o’clock afternoon tea of course! Derek brought out the spread and filled our empty tea pots with the most delicious Irish tea. Some pictures were taken, jokes were cracked and before we knew it, we were there for over 2 hours and it was time to pay our dear friend Derek for his hospitality and warmth. My sister beat everyone and got to Derek before any of us could. Sneakiness runs in the family and this time she was the winner.

All content with the evening, we make our way out into the castle grounds when I decided to confirm with my sister if Derek’s tip was included in the total amount. It wasn’t. We rushed back to the counter and asked Derek to cancel the transaction and enter a new amount, that would include his tip. He needed to ask Anthony to reverse the amount, Anthony wasn’t available and Derek wasn’t pressed about getting that extra € amount into his wages. We were adamant. None of us had any cash on us, who does in this convenient world of cards and credit? My mum-in-law does but this was OUR treat! As all this is going on, my friend comes up with the fantastic idea of purchasing a bottle of orange juice and adding the tip amount to it. Yeah, perfect



Who said that? This young man sitting there, arms spread out on the sofa top with a cheeky grin on his face and an empty glass of Jameson.
Him : You can buy me a drink! That will sort it all out.
Me: Seems like a good idea, what are you drinking?
Him: Jameson ( with a grin!)
Me: One Jameson for the young man here please Derek!
Him: If you come back later tonight, It would be a pleasure to buy you a drink back.
Me: ………:-S

The cheeky bugger chanced his arm and got a good € 4.50 glass of the best blended Irish whiskey produced by Irish Distillers subsidiary of Pernod Ricard ( I definitely had to google this bit of information). We paid Derek our dues and bid adieu to the cheeky Irishman and made our way out. He definitely deserved a photo credit but then we didn’t want to stroke his ego.

It was a good day, spent in good company, drinking good tea, eating good scones, leaving a few happy and making new memories of the place we love to visit every few months.


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