Weed and chocolate

“All crazy thoughts from the weed go straight to your blog site”.

My handsome man thinks that my tea looks like weed. I start my day with a glass of weed look-alike tea leaves along with a delicious piece of dark chocolate. After that has gone down, out i regurgitate, minus the ” re” thought for the day. Funny how regurgitate is a word but gurgitate isn’t a word? You have to gurgitate in order to REgurgitate … to clarify this I went on good ol google and this explanation really made me laugh


I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you “peat” your question the first time!

A tiny bit off the topic, but it’s kinda like when people say “conversate” (drives me nuts!) instead of “converse” or when people say “irregardless” or “not hardly” – It’s the English language – it can be awfully confusing! And some people are so dumb – when they’re pretending and trying to sound so smart!

When you shop, do you go to the “tail” store first? ?

Guess that settles it and explains us everything we need to know about the English language! Moving on …back to the tea. The one that I am hooked on currently is full of Vit C – more Vit C than what oranges can provide you, along with Vit A,D and E and Antioxidants. This tea is available only in one region of India and to get it, you need to go there. The tea strengthens the immune system and fights stomach and bladder infections. It is the Rose Hip and Mint Herbal Tea, collected and packaged by women’s self-help groups of Kullu ( H.P.)— so if you are visiting that end of the world, please fetch me a few more packs. Thank you.

Today is a very exciting day. I shall “attempt” to take more than a sip of corona this evening, without pulling a face along with a bucket full of chicken drumsticks, deliciously prepared in a mixture of ginger, garlic, chives, and Dijon mustard. Yeah, I had second thoughts and scratched that. Too much pressure, think I’ll stick to drinking tea and eating drumsticks. Mayweather and Pacquiao are fighting tonight, the biggest fight in the history of BOXING, a sport I don’t even follow but can’t get enough of PACQUIAO. This is all that is going down today, brain is too preoccupied with what will happen tonight , money is on the underdog!

GOOD LUCK 😀  Harry Reid Attends A "Get Out The Vote Early" Rally With Boxer Manny Pacquiao


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