b o x i n g the emotions , looking forward to a new adventure.

I will not talk about the boxing match.

I will not talk about the boxing match

I will not talk about the boxing match

I remember when we were in school, we were told to write down something we were not supposed to do 100 times in the notebook so it would stick. This technique probably doesn’t get practiced in today’s technology driven world. It’s the start of a glorious work week that I have been looking forward to, a sort of mini vacation that will take me back to my favourite destination of Portugal and then Venice.

Excitement is building up and the count down has already started to our upcoming trip to Scotland. We have rented a camper van and are taking off towards the end of may to discover the highlands of Scotland. As usual we have nothing planned, no books read no areas marked down as must see, just a confirmation of the van rental and credit cards with balance owed to 0. It’s a trip that has been long time in the making, everyday shall be an adventure. Don’t wish to talk about it too much and wear down the excitement though that’s almost impossible.

I will not talk about the boxing match at length, all I’ll say is that Mayweather, even though ranked the best boxer lacks true heart towards the sport and plays DIRTY. Am trying so hard not to type out my inner venom towards that pompous over clinching dirt bag!!!! He didn’t come in for a fight, he came in for a win and that he did by circling around the ring running away from Pacquiao.

Go find yourself a new profession pffff

Its time for some morning yoga to flush out the negativity and take in some healthy breaths.
Namaste ¦¦¦


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