Don’t stare at the lens through ‘tainted’ glasses !

Was itching to get back home! As much as I love wandering the world jumping from one country to another, I enjoy typing out my thoughts. Funny how 15 years ago I would have put ” penning” instead of “typing” as my choice of word, times have changed but certain habits still remain. Typing is a far easier way of correcting my “penned down” thoughts. Specially early morning, while drinking tea and letting that dark chocolate melt in my mouth with its heat, feet on the ottoman and fingers flying away on the laptop.

This past week was a week of paid vacation. Wandering Lisbon for 2 days followed by 3 more days of  wandering in Venice, hurting my pocket with accumulation of more statement jewelry and shoes. Two essentials for any girl who loves to walks non stop from 9 am till 8 pm, eating breakfast lunch and dinner on the go, covering as much ground as she can.

Walking and eating a gelato on the go I came across a cannon store. My camera for the past year has been giving me problems and I needed someone who knew something about cameras to sort it out for me. I was lucky to have Theodor  by my side, who not only shares the same passion for Audi as I, but also loves to walk and eat on the go, talking and entertaining non stop making friends along the way and introducing me to the most pocket hurting original hand crafted murano glass jewelry shops, something that I would have personally ignored as adding more clutter to my collection of clutter but turns out its my new love. Well we walk into the canon shop and I try to explain my problem to this Italian who had no clue what I was on about. My problem just didn’t make any sense to him. Theo intervened and explained every bit of my rambling to the gent in impeccable Italian. It sounded so good. I carry a Canon Powershot SX40HS. When I’m shooting a picture I rarely look through the lens like a professional, I stare at the screen and take a shot and that’s the end of it. Except when I rotate the camera vertically, the image turns dark on my screen and I am unable to see anything so I am obliged to look through the lens and take my picture. This has been annoying me since the past 1 year. Suddenly one fine layover in Edinburgh this problem originated out of no where and has followed me on my every adventure, vexing me, testing my self-restraint. Another little detail, this only happens out in the sun! Not indoor, ONLY outside.

Even though the problem was explained to the gentleman in Italian, it just made no sense to him and after checking out my camera for a few minutes, he gave up saying, it was beyond his expertise. We politely thanked him and exited.

Once outside, I proceeded to show Theo what I was really talking about. I turn on my camera and make him look at the screen – I held the camera horizontally and we were able to see the picture of the canon store in front of us.

Me: Now look Theo, see what happens when I rotate the camera vertically, see
Theo: ummmm Jasmin, I am not that good with cameras or at taking pictures and so am unaware of the picture quality.
Me: Theo!! This needs no expertise of any sorts. Look the screen shows the store when held horizontally and now that I’ve turned it vertically, it is DARK! Completely Black!! Can’t you see???
Theo: Jasmin, I really see no real difference?
Me: Are you for real???

I proceed to remove my sun glasses off my face and scowl at Theo and stare at the camera held vertically. I could see the picture!

Me: Theo, I can see the picture!!!
Theo: So can I. Av have been seeing the picture all this time, I really don’t understand why you couldn’t?
Me: Theo, ITS MY POLAROIDS!! Theo!!! My camera isn’t shit, it works!!! All this time it was my sunglasses cutting off the glare and I have been cursing my camera for nothing. Theo this is amazing. My camera is fine. Oh geez, the man must have really thought I was on something!!
Theo: :-S

All happy and thrilled with my non-existent problem solved, we decided to go sun glass shopping for Theo. Keeping the camera rotation to determine if the Polaroids being sold on the street were real or not. It was a brilliant seeing how many “said” Polaroids were not “real” Polaroids.

Our travels took us to the city of Padua, 30 minutes outside Venice, av never seen so many cathedrals in one little city. I visited 4 and then gave up on them. We had a fun evening walking and clicking pictures. The following day, being yesterday, it was time to say good-bye to yet another memorable layover and head off back to Canada. Well didn’t I come on board wearing light brown nylons? Looked like someone had drained the blood out of my legs. I bought the Filadoro nylons from this little kiosk for €1.50 with Polaroids hindering me from making the right choice of colour! I knew I should have stuck to my usual Tan Filodoro stockings!


3 thoughts on “Don’t stare at the lens through ‘tainted’ glasses !

    • I just re-read this post and it brought me back to that day this happened!! you have to meet theo- he is my work brother! I hope you are able to get the Sony card, shame if they don’t make it anymore. Also try amazon, sometimes you find things on it that you won’t elsewhere. I am all about amazon XOXOXOOX


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