Squat it!

So it’s been a while since I last exercised and decided am going to re-start again. Everyone raves about how good squats are for your leg muscles etc so I decided to browse you tube videos and check out the right way of squatting. Last year after messing up my knee, I got drawn into yoga and gave up running… walking has always been a part of my life – with/ without knee injury but now I feel av healed enough to go for other exercises, mix it up a bit and make moving around a bit more fun. So this is what i came across. It is rib-tickling and will definitely be a delight to watch : for men and women alike!
I will not spoil the fun by commenting on anything. A lot might not find it amusing but she definitely made me laugh, specially at 5 mins and beyond. I have a feeling she was bored out of her mind and decided she was going to make a video – she was on her own, knew no one was watching her (dog doesn’t count), over exaggerated everything — put on a show and pretended to be some retarded celebrity she looks up to, that’s exactly what happened in her head. Except she was convinced it was good enough to be shared with the world, she was right. Its entertaining especially the comment from Jesus Christ!


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