The moon-dog diary!

Am excited to spend today in the company of a fun person whom I adore. Together not only do we end up doing the most absurd things but every moment we spend together is full of laughter and pure joy. It’s a 10 year-long relationship that clicked the first time I saw her on my flight, a brand new recruit, I myself was only 2 flights old and the first thing I told her was – don’t worry it’ll be a cake walk. Not only was she assigned the worse position ( for a new comer every position is the worse, and when you are stuck boarding – you can’t beat it) but she had to work with the Flight Director, something you crave to avoid when its your first time flying. They can be quite intimidating and bossy!

My all time favourite is the time we decided to paint an egg. After puncturing a hole on the top we drained the inside and decided to paint the outside. The end result was amazing. One side was a nasty face drawn, fangs and all and the other side said I LOVE YOU. See, life is very simple when you are on reserve, young and carefree, waiting to be called for a flight. Till that phone rings you are in your ‘silly’ element, but once you hear ~ ‘ We need you for a flight’ — all hell breaks loose with mad panic all over. Moon-dog and I were on reserve and it didn’t seem we were going to get called anytime soon. So moon-dog comes up with this bright idea of painting the egg. It was fun, we let our creative selves all over that egg-shell. Armed with an egg each we decided to make a random strangers day memorable. So off we went, got in the car, moon-dog at the wheel and I in the passenger seat, we decided we would target a real sad-looking, preferably fat and if possible an ugly guy and make his day. Out on a mission we did just that. It’s not that hard to find someone with a sad demeanour when people are stuck in their cars at rush hour wishing the traffic would move. We spotted this gent, he was on his phone- texting of course. Moon-dog decided to keep the car running parallel to his car and my job was to get his attention. It was simple, like a lunatic I had my eyes glued to his face till he decided to look up from his phone and turned his gaze towards me. Then emerged the egg. Slowly the egg snuck up right at the window and of course what stared back at the innocent man was this ugly face we had drawn. The guy strained to make sense of it and when he finally realized what it was, he scoffed. Guess he was expecting something else. He got it. I turned the face of the egg and let the words – I LOVE YOU – win him over. The smile he gave us, made our boring day interesting. Our mission was accomplished it was time to make someone else’s day. Moon dog  changed gears and off we went looking for our next sad gent.

That day was particularly memorable as it made us realize what psychos we really were. Men were thrilled with our egg prank but it didn’t sit too well with the ladies. This mum driving a mum van with her kids in the back seat was on a roll. Out came the egg creeping by the window as it always did for all the sad-looking men. Ugly face first of course, followed by I LOVE YOU, all the time with a stoic look on my face and eyes fixed on the driver of the adjacent van, in this case a young woman with kids. I mean what the hell was I thinking? You know how some people don’t have a filter, I sometimes lack that myself except I have no sense. The poor lady was telling the little boy in the back seat to duck down. I turned towards moon-dog and told her what happened and her reaction was:

JAS we are to do this to men ONLY!!!!

Well that was the end of our day. I have to say we successfully managed to make 7 men laugh and scar a young mother and probably the little kid as well that day. This egg prank helped us pass so many dull days but one fine day our eggs died. We were 6 girls living in a huge house, one of them being exceptionally clumsy and careless with anything fragile around her. Our eggs used to rest on the stairs case leading to our rooms. Well as our clumsy gf made her way up the stair, moon dog and i warned her of our eggs… what happened next needs no narration. They were mercilessly crushed and we never got over that trauma.


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