Moon dog diary- Chapter 2

I have spent the past 30 minutes straining my head trying to figure out why I ended up doing what I did that one fun evening. The story goes as such…

I let Moon-dog down. The end result was not pretty. I promised to make up to her by doing whatever she wanted me to, and this ended up costing me my dignity and a bad stomach ache L A U G H I N G
Am sure I didn’t show up for a lunch/dinner date or made last-minute plans with someone else, forgetting I had given time to moon-dog, don’t know what I did to end up paying for it the way I did.My punishment was to dress up as a call-girl, go to the nearest convenient store and ask for directions to some address..
Well moon-dog dressed me up as a hustler! I had this t-shirt, I bought in Birmingham on a whim, just for a laugh. The t-shirt read ” Sex instructor, first lesson for free”. Well I had to wear it, my hair is short and moon-dog had no dearth of extensions, so she generously clipped in a few too many in my head, wore some nasty colored lipstick and the shortest of all short mini skirts. Armed with bad make up, bad dress sense and a bad attitude off we went to the convenient store. It was a drive away and moon-dog decided to be my chauffeur. It was close to mid-night, just the right time to execute our nonsense and  gas up the car. The gas prices are low around midnight.

We decided to drive a bit out of our way as going to the shop we often frequented wouldn’t have been such a good idea. We managed to find a gas station and across from the gas station was this convenient store, the place was dimly lit and was the perfect spot. I was glad we zeroed in on that store, hoping not many people would be there and that I would be able to perfectly act out my end of the deal and get the dare over and done with. Going over my lines with moon-dog and nervous laughter well tucked in my gut I gathered my head full of extensions out of the car and walked over to the convenient store in the most awkwardly slutty manner I could. As i stepped into the store, all eyes were fixed on me. There was the cashier and 3 customers ( young men) in the shop. It wasn’t what i had expected, the worse was that moon-dog didn’t accompany me in the store and I could have just gone, browsed around and walked out of the store without even engaging in any sort of conversation BUT that’s not what transpired. My dare stated that i had to say certain lines and engage in a conversation with the cashier and I did just that. It was my end of the deal and I had to keep it. So I approached the cashier and asked him the directions to Burnhamthorpe road. The guy gave the directions and as I turned around to walk out of the store, one of the customers addressed me

Him: Hey, Hello
Me: ——-
Him: Hey, what’s your name?
Me: —- walking towards the exit..
Him: HEY, miss, hello! Hey.. listen I just want to talk to you
Me:—- picking up pace and walking towards the car

The guy starts to follow me with his friends, at this point I make a dash for the car in the awkward heels I had on. My heard was beating louder than Yamaha Oak drums and panicked I jumped in the car. Moon-dog had seen the dirt trail following me and all I could blur out was ” Start the car”, just like in the IKEA ad. My panic was contagious and moon-dog was as shaky as I was and had trouble getting the keys in the ignition. We locked the car door and as moon-dog was fumbling with the keys trying to get the car started, the guy knocks on our window. Both moon-dog and I let out a frightened cry and I kept repeating – start the car!! start the BLOODY car!!!! The guy tried to open the door and kept saying, ” I just want to talk to you!. ” Finally moon had the car running and the crazy driver that she is, we were out of that place in no time. The guy ran back to his car where his friends were waiting for him and started to follow us. The adrenaline was pumping hard and as we sped away losing the ” dirt-trail” all we could do was nervously laugh and ripping my extensions out all i could say was ” I did it, I survived the dare, am NEVER doing this again, am never cancelling on you!”

Since then, I never have, have I moon-dog?


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