Never ever try this at home or any where else! Tea tree oil bloody burns when put on your eyelid!!! I thought I was going to have to say good-bye to my beloved right eye, and NO I will not type out why I even went ahead and dabbed my eyelid in tea tree oil. Let’s just leave it at that. Had to even throw my lenses away pfff

What is with this weather really? This morning on my way out, thinking it was kind of chilly ( which it surely wasn’t) I had my casual sweater on… that I obviously had to strip out of, leave it back in the apartment before going out. By the time I was heading out again, it started raining so had to run back up to the apartment to get an umbrella. Take 3- heading out AGAIN this time armed with an umbrella, it was bloody sunny so had to go right back up to fetch the sun glasses!!! I mean, the only thing missing from this equation was a snow storm! I wouldn’t have been surprised at that at all. Anything is expected.

So, 🙂 3 days left! Am heading to a wonderful 10 day camping holiday around Scotland!! Really pumped about it. Yesterday I even sat and spent over 4 hours figuring out the places I really wanted to visit. The list was darn long and ran all the way from the East coast to the north to central , west coast and south… I mean the country is simply gorgeous!! How can anyone even fathom seeing the country in 10 days. Just an essence of it shall be captured and am so ready for this adventure. We decided to keep it simple and follow what we do best. NOT MAKE ANY PLANS AND GET LOST IN THE MOMENT AND THE NEW TOPOGRAPHY. The air will be crisp, the spirits will be high, this will go down as another vacation that we wished never ended!

On a side note, yesterday was a day well spent. Velo Volant, the 1st one of its kind in Canada ( other two being in Mexico and Florida) was quite an experience. Cycling 100 feet above the ground, having a staring match with the birds at eye level  and getting lost in the walking trails of Mount Sutton followed by a welcome, you found your way back  “moo” of the Highland Cattle… can your day get any better? The property is pretty affordable there to top it all, another place on the world map I wouldn’t mind living in.


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