On the go

This past month has been physically very draining, IN A VERY GOOD WAY. It has been a month of non stop action, from vacationing in Scotland to non stop flying with only 24 hrs off between every week I have been away. Am still struggling to finish my book I started a month ago but with so much to learn from it, I get lost between looking up places on the map to reading about the history of certain mentioned terms, and then of course there is reading the actual book itself.

Its my last day off before all this madness starts all over again. Wouldn’t change it for anything. Yesterday we got back home knackered from a long grueling hike and two days of spending time in the wilderness. It was amazing, with no electricity open skies and a warm fire. Funny the thoughts that go on in your head when walking non stop for hours at a stretch. My sister had the time to think of buying leather pants, that changed after a few hours of walking to black denim pants. They wouldn’t stick to the skin and would be way more affordable. From emptying her closet abundant with beautiful expensive clothes to going to Portugal to shop for more. To us travelling to Toulouse for 3-4 days to her moving her vacation to the end of the year giving us more time to plan a perfect getaway. Then of course there was us reaching Lake Mohawk to have our delicious sandwich layered with barbecued chicken. We never reached Lake Mohawk but enjoyed our sandwich never-the-less fighting with the horseflies ,annoying shit flies and midges in between savoring the yummy chicken Tom had so kindly prepared for us that morning.

Meanwhile I on the other hand was thinking of ways of killing this one annoying fly that followed me for over an hour. That constant buzz in my ear was getting to me to point that I was barking out profanity in the silence of the day sounding like someone suffering from Tourettes, the worse kind. I was smart enough not to have much of my skin exposed, but had forgotten all about carrying a bee cap with a mesh around my face to ward off the critters. With a stick in one hand to make way through the dense undergrowth of briers that had ripped my yoga pants and scratched my legs and face to dealing with this annoyance. Finally I decided to take action. No one else was cursing. No one else was being stalked by this ugly fly either. Tom was way in the lead, all you could hear in the distance was twigs cracking and whipping of his Rambo stick( it was shaped like an AK 47) making way for us. Jessica was way behind, deep in thought. Am sure she was at the very point of changing over her preference from leather pants to denim when I decided to take matters in my own hands. I stopped, carefully placed my stick on the wet ground and stood still. Waiting. That annoying buzz started again and I let it have fun with me till it got tangled in my hair. Perfect opportunity that I was waiting for. SLAP, right on my head with my very own hands I KILLED THE BASTARD FLY. Finally I could advance forward without being bothered.

The thinking then shifted from how to kill this fly which I had already achieved to how can I protect my ears from more buzzing and biting. Finally the bright idea came into my head. It was already so hot and humid that layering up with more clothes wasn’t an option but I needed a hoodie or a cap of sorts to save my ears from the torture. After catching up with Tom, I took hold of his sleeveless MMA hoodie and tightened the strings around the cap, then placed it on my head with the rest of it hanging behind my back.

I was christened – THE SPANISH BOY, its self-explanatory why! Now only the face and hands were exposed but that didn’t matter. After walking for over 6 hours, several view points later, we decided to head back as it was getting late. Along the way we had given names to certain strategic junctions.

The Stick point ( where Tom had dug a stick in the ground – this was our first ascent point)
The Pee point ( I claimed this point)
The mushroom point ( Two huge mushrooms grew here)
The Lost point ( we were lost here for a good 30 minutes)
The Pine point ( a pine tree grew here on a perfect patch of moss)
The Throne point ( someone had made a chair out of wood lying around )

Then of course there was the Turn-around-point. We decided to call it quits and head back to our base camp when it started getting dark and we had an equally long hike to undertake. The day was well spent, physically mentally and emotionally invigorating. We returned back to our camp, lit a warm fire and grilled some sausages and called it a night


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