There used to be… a ‘ s t a l k e r ‘

a time when I used to wake up, early in the morning ( mind you, I still do that!)… get my cup of tea and dark chocolate (I still do exactly that) and my laptop( that too!)to start-up my day in a productive manner <<<<<<<<<< this is where the problem lies. It’s not productive anymore. Av become slave to Facebook Stalking. Loads will agree with me and know exactly what I am talking about but there will be tons out there that will ” pretend” not to know what that really means. In the end everyone does it and everyone knows what it means. At least everyone who has a useless FB account.

My days of early morning blogging have been compromised and this is my first detox day. Av been on a quest to find a childhood friend and after finding and re-connecting with all those that I grew up over the years and spent some memorable moments with I am left with JUST ONE person that I cannot trace. The desire to find this person is strong and I am sure in the end I will find her.. the memories are very vivid and her old address in Jammu Kashmir, well imprinted in my head
Monika Chabbra
C/O Madan Lal Chabbra
Maisuma Bazaar
Jammu Kashmir

Av decided to spare random individuals of my questions asking if they are this person. The response has been – no, sorry and my stalking has been unabating! It’s time for self intervention or else what use is this brain up there? The final decision to let this go came last night – when I dreamt of my childhood friend. Saw her on a ” house boat” standing and saw myself on the shore with a camera in hand and her silhouette in the distance. Guess it’s time to re-visit a few places of the past to see what their present looks like. The time spent in Kashmir is a fantastic memory and her face a distant recollection….


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