Simply translated the name of this town ( in Wales) means :
St Mary’s church in the hollow of the white hazel near to the rapid whirlpool of llantysilio of the red cave!
This is going around on the internet. Now-a-days they make news of simply anything, though I have to say had i known such a place existed in Wales I would have wanted to go visit it to just get the pronunciation going.
You would think the church they are mentioning in the name would be one magnificent structure just as the name suggests. No, it is a small enough church, not half as big as the name of the town.
That being said I am glad to be back on my Mirthspot. Am sitting here on my couch typing away listening to a UFC fight going on between Rafael Dos Anjos and Anthony Pettis  while my sweetheart is shadow boxing dripping in sweat and dancing rhythmically across the whole living room. This is happiness. This is also the time Pettis lost to Dos Anjos! Fantastic fight sequence. Somehow I missed seeing it in March. Now someone pray tell me why this bloody Trudeau keeps interrupting youtube from playing an interesting fight as the one mentioned above with his inconsequential ad campaigns !?!? Getting my head around politics really squeezes my grey cells to the maximum, suffocating them and depleting them of O2 content making me totally spastic. Canadian elections are around the corner and that doesn’t leave me much time, I need to get a crash course in knowing the politicians agenda so I can vote favourably and help in booting Harper out.
Randomness is coming to a halt and I fear I’ll start making sense & that won’t do justice to my reputation. It’s time for some YOGA



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