My rope’s end

Am holding on to sanity by a very slim severed thread! Work life has been a vacation all these years, something I have looked forward to with a big smile and a happy heart. The smile is still there except it’s a bit demented now and the heart is still happy but for very different reasons. Recently I have started dreaming of work and to me that is a sign that a vacation is long over-due. It has been 2 full months!! Never knew the effect of not blowing up $$$$ for 2 months would be this heavy. From waking up in a panicked state saying water shut off valve to shutting a toddler in the over head compartment ?? No, don’t quote me on this – THIS IS A DREAM.

Dream no 1
To elucidate on my dreams — here is how it goes. Disclaimer – this is a dream not reality for those who like to alter the truth – read again, THIS IS A DREAM! Now-a-days it is imperative to repeat phrases like this a few many times before it seeps into rumor makers heads, it actually never really seeps in, those who like to stir the pot will still manage to stir it even if the pot is empty but I am just legally covering my backside by sliding this disclaimer in. so back to the dream, I am doing my regular washroom checks before boarding and am approached by a colleague who is all flustered as the water is over flowing in the back galley. She approaches me and tells me the back galley is flooded. I calmly look up and tell her well shut off the water valve. She gives me a bewildered look and says ‘why do you think I am here?’ This whole conversation just doesn’t make sense to me and in my dream state I can feel the confusion my unconscious mind is dealing with. She tells me to shut off the water valve in the washroom that I was verifying. What does a washroom water shut off valve have to do with the galley water over flowing? Suddenly it all makes sense, the two are connected. I wake up saying  ” Water shut off valve!!!” End of dream one.

Dream no 2.
Disclaimer- people this is just a dream – these events DID NOT take place in real life on any of my flights EVER!!! Don’t spread rumors and don’t assume, read the whole blog before you approach me on a flight and ask me if i really shut a kid in the over head bin. THIS   IS    A    DREAM 
Again, the scenario is set  during boarding. Boarding is completed and final baggage check is being done. The lighting in the cabin is very dim… it was a very early morning departure, like a 3 am departure. Don’t know why the lights were dim though, but then again anything goes in a dream. So I am doing my check and shutting the over head compartments. I see this little kid sleeping in the over head compartment and casually shut the bin and carry on. Now in my head I am questioning if what I saw was really what it was : a Kid in the over head bin. As I am about to shut the second compartment this man sitting on his seat looks up at me and asks me why I went ahead and shut his kid in the compartment? I look down at him and ask him why he decided to stow his kid away in the over head compartment? He says – well aren’t you the flight attendant? My response – well aren’t you the father??? I casually waltz through the cabin like everything is all normal and I find myself rolling the life jacket strap that seems to be so long and is such a tedious task back to its stowage bin. Of course this can be classified as a nightmare as I wake up suddenly and find myself in a hotel room in Venice, stare at my watch that is showing me the local time in Montreal. My tired brain adds 6 hours to the time displayed and realizes that it is almost time to wake up and cake up for work!


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