Where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic

IMG_4561 (2)

Had a fantastic layover in Malaga, Spain and got the chance to explore the beautiful town of Tarifa. It is the southern most point of Europe’s mainland. A paradise for kite surfers. I will try to upload a video to show the acrobatic skills of this one wind surfer that caught my cameras attention. The route is quite simple and car rental in Spain is the cheapest you can get in Europe. Costed only €28 for the day, the tolls costed more than the car rental unfortunately , around €33 . The distance is around 140 kms, say 1.5 hrs but the same can be done by taking a more elaborate toll-free route in around 4 hours. On the way don’t forget to visit Gibraltar and don’t forget to take your passport with you as it is a British overseas territory. So to cross over and tough the Rock of Gibraltar you will need your credentials. Carry on from Gibraltar the distance to Tarifa is not more than 40 kms. From here Morocco is only 35 minutes by ferry and is clearly visible in the distance. For those who are interested in knowing the nitty-gritty details regarding Tarifa, here is the wikipedia link.

Watch this fantastic athlete in action here: 

IMG_4560 (2)

The fantastic acrobat that caught Canon SX40HS attention.


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