AMEN Allem !

You know when you have little to no talent, almost nil decorating skills and no esthetic sense and then you are blessed with a sister who has all of the above except she doesn’t live in the same province as you and is so busy with her work that she just can’t visit you to decorate your place at the drop of a hat…. Except she runs a business that will take care of all your headaches related to decorating – Well I am talking about LUCKY ME and . From pillow covers to bed sheets to shower curtains and place mats, I AM BIGGEST FAN!! Here is my proud collection of my favourites that I have managed to procure over the years. Had to steal them off her site as they are all beautifully packed away under my bed and getting a camera out, and arranging them would mean I would have to get myself off my couch and move a few muscles. Don’t want to.

This relationship started some 30+ years ago. Since we are both now almost the same age (well after certain age you don’t add the years to your existence, you subtract them!) talent vise she is still UP there. I still remember the years of notebooks filled with doodles, numerous paintings, wall murals, wall hangings, tee-shirt painting, the list just goes on…,she created as a young kid and just to see how this ended up being her profession just confirms to me : either you have it or you don’t! I am proud of my sister and glad she is the one who has it as I probably would lose patience over getting it all underway from the beginning-end 😀


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