And this is how we do it…

I am back!!  I ignored my happy place for over 3 months, and that is a right shame. How did that even end up happening? Well here is how the events unfolded that led to its happening.
Nov 3rd Tom and I decided to go to our usual late afternoon early evening walk. The weather in Montreal was amazing that day, it was mild and winter was no where in sight, just the way I prefer it. After huffing and puffing up the 400 some steps that brought us to the top of the Mont Royal Mountain I decided to pop the question.

Me: ” Love, are you happy in Montreal?”
Him: “NO!”
Me: “WHAT???? WHY NOT?!?!!!?!!!”

Well his reasons were very simple and probably should have been evident to me but obviously I am bad at reading hints, but in this case I probably completely ignored his words and feelings. Shame Shame Shame!
Tom doesn’t speak French and since the past one year that he was living in Montreal ( off and on) as a visitor I was sure he didn’t see that as a problem since he is so good at giving directions to French Canadians visiting from out of town, lost in the overwhelming influx of downtown madness. Well he sure wasn’t comfortable not understanding what was going on around him in French. That was a good enough reason to pack up and move!

That evening I decided to message ” little feet” ( that’s what I call her) for a mutual transfer. She was based out of YYZ and wanted to come back to YUL and well, I wanted to head off to YYZ where I knew my sweet love would be comfortable and in his element.
That same evening I called my parents and broke the news to them and what transpired after that, well I am still recovering from it.

Here is how it goes
1- Mutual transfer was put in on Nov 3rd
2- Mutual transfer accepted on Dec 3rd
3- Packing had already begun long before mutual transfer was accepted coz in my head I was moving, didn’t matter if it hadn’t yet happened on paper. I was long gone.
4- Dec 5-Dec 15, we were looking at houses to purchase. That’s right. Parents had shortlisted a few good buys and we were on our way to accept/ reject them.
5- Dec 15 th we had the keys to the new aboard ,( thank you mum/ dad for all your help in making this happen for us!). A lovely bungalow with a backyard in the quiet of a residential area, a stark change from the downtown life of Montreal.
6-  Apartment in Montreal put on rent starting Feb 1st.
7- Had a fantastic few pairings in the mean while from Dec 19- Jan 1st. Flew with Sangijulla and Jevaa ( that’s what I call them), enjoyed both Xmas and New years in Paris, and managed to get a flight to Amman and get drenched in the Jordanian rain! My last month in Montreal was my best month where I realized the value of having such amazing people surrounding me. While away at work I had Pat ( that’s what I call her) dismantle my IKEA furniture saving me the trouble of fighting with the hammer and the nails. Amazing friend, amazing soul.

I jumped on the plane and made my way over to my sweetheart who had been setting up the house with the help of my lovely parents in my absence and making it comfortable for me for when I got over.
Right now I am sitting in my room, feeling thankful for all that I have and for all  who surround me, looking out on to the back garden with snow flakes falling in the silence of the afternoon.


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