Moon diaries – 3 rd entry

I started writing moon diaries in May 2015… don’t know how I ended up getting off track and stopping, but I am back with some more fond memories of a crazy girl I love and who loves me back! You know it when it is true.


In the summer of 2008 I got an invite from MOON dog ( that’s what I call her, its a term of endearment- don’t look too much into it!) to spend a good week at her Casa that she shared with her lovely sister. The break was well needed for me and an invite like that, I wasn’t just going to pass on. I packed my bags and drove from Ontario to Quebec. That evening we had a fantastic dinner prepared by my lovely hosts and we were on a roll, high on life and pure simple joy. Moon waxed my hairy legs ( I had grown a field just for her!) we did our nails, we took 4 legged Charlie Mooney out for a walk <—- this is exaggeration, we had no time to do that! Charlie Mooney stayed at home and entertained us.

Days were passing so well, we had such a good time. Hanging out, eating, going hiking, meeting up with Moon’s friends, having them over – life was good. Life still is good. Life will always be good. Moon and I were the most compatible room mates in Ontario, when we were based out of YYZ for work.


Well, night fell and we were snuggled up in bed discussing the good old times and having a hoot. I mean really loud yapping and laughing forgetting that pretty Kim had to work the next day and that we were the only ones keeping her from getting a good rest and a sound sleep. Now let me tell you a little about Kim. The most soft spoken, easy going, docile, polite and dignified girl you will ever meet. Yes, that is Moon dogs sister and no she isn’t single, she is happily taken so BZZZZ
Well that night was a different night. I saw something that till date is fresh in my memory. Am sure Moon dog remembers it as vividly as I do, am sure Kimmy has forgotten it, or has she? Only Kimmy knows!
She marched in that room that was possessed with our laughter, dressed in her fine night robe- looking like an angel till she opened her mouth and BLASTED the two of us and rightfully so! And I mean BLASTED US!
” YOU TWO THINK YOU ARE THE ONLY ONES LIVING HERE??? JUST COZ YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORK TOMORROW DOESN’T MEAN OTHERS DON’T NEED THEIR SLEEP TO FUNCTION” —————————- SLAM! boom!! Just like that. She enters and then she makes an exit leaving us in a bigger fit of subdued laughter. That was a wake up call. It was meant to shut us up, but ended up waking us up and making us do things we till date DON’T regret~


Moon and I came to the realization that we were indeed too loud that we needed to take our madness out of the house. Now it wasn’t 9 pm we are talking here… it was around midnight or 1 am. We started up the Moondogmobile and off we went on an adventure of our own.
First stop, convenient store around the corner! Moon always makes me do the nasty things just coz she is always at the bloody wheel. This time we decided we will give back to the environment what we take from it. Paper! Toilet paper to be precise. We decided we are going to drape all the trees and cover them in toilet paper. For that, at 1 am, I had to walk into the convenient store and get the toilet paper.

Now, has it ever happened to you that you know you are about to do something that you shouldn’t be doing -eg littering the area with toilet paper, and this feeling of guilt takes over that you are certain that others can read on your face? Well that’s exactly what was going on through my head along with the added though of – what if this convenient store guy thinks I wish to take a dump at this odd hour and that’s why I am buying toilet paper?? Hmmm SHIT!
Well it was simple, I was going to buy toilet paper along with a whole lot of other things that we didn’t need for the night-out of adventure. I bought -:
Fabric softener
Washing detergent
Dental floss
Tooth paste
Toilet paper <———- what I had actually gone in for
Well I walked out of that convenient store feeling less guilty of someone judging my bowels and the fact I was about to litter! Moon saw a huge bag in my hand, full of unnecessary items and wanted me to return the stuff at once.
“Can’t Moon! Can’t do it- he will think I need to take a dump at  this hour!?! Can’t have that!!! We are going- START THE CAR!!”
So off we went. Drove further into the country side, covered the trees as planned in toilet paper – the whole brown bark was shinning white in the moon light. We did a few rows of trees and then decided we need to show some loving to the weary farmer who will come to work in the wee hours of the morning, probably without a coffee pot in hand , ready to start his long day at work. He needs to be told, he deserves it


That’s right, we gathered bricks and logs we could lay our hands on.  From one end of his farm land to the other in white toilet paper, with the help of heavy bricks and logs holding our creation down – we wrote
This made us feel very good about ourselves. We needed to celebrate, both of us blasted the music on Moondogmobile and sat on the roof of the car , arm in arm, thanking the life we were living and the love we were giving to the environment and to the farmer we didn’t know, making his day so worth his while, happy with ourselves and a bit tired after the long night of tree covering and farmland adorning. The full moon was shining on us and that’s when I came to the realization that indeed the lunar pull does exist- crazies were out there in the form of the TWO OF US!

Never will I forget the adventures I live with this girl and the fun that I have even if it sounds demented now that I am typed it all out. That night, like every other night in her company, was special and something that will make me laugh everytime I reminisce.

~~~~ THE END ~~~~



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